3 DIY Winter Car Care Hacks


Nowadays, the temperature is dropping and it’s time for you to put on some warm and cozy tops. The days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler. Even though this winter creates perfect moments to take some beautiful pictures but still it’s quite frustrating due to frosty weather. And who could evident this better than a car owner? For sure, you know this as well. You are ready to hit the road in the morning bundled up with your best winter hat and coat.

You are all-ready from your side but they what this is. Your car is terribly frozen and you have, seriously, not even a single minute to spare. At that very moment some quick winter DIY car hacks can be of great help. So let’s dive in;

Shaving Cream

What? Did you just say that? Yes you did. The very first thing you need to do when you stumble upon your frozen car is de-fog. When it snows or rains, the car windows are more likely to fog up, which makes it almost impossible for you to see while driving and you can’t even see other cars as well. Therefore, you need to de-fog the windows first. Professionals at Ford Service Dubai recommend that you can just add a layer of shaving cream inside your car window.

Let it sit for a few seconds, grab a towel and wipe it off. Truly, this works real quick in seconds so there would be no wastage of time.

Vinegar and Water

In most cases, there is a layer of ice on your car windows if the weather it frosty. This would be as irritating as fog as it will also block your view of the road. Therefore, you need to something in order to get rid of it. What many people do? They turn their cars on in order to warm it up. But this is burning so much fuel. Instead you can get along with using an ordinary vinegar and lukewarm water to melt the ice.

It’s quite simple. Just add 1 part water with 3 part vinegar in a spray bottle. Just spray it on your windshield the night before and it will prevent ice from layering on your mirror. Easy, natural and inexpensive.

Plastic Card

In case you forget to use the above mentioned solution a night before on your windshield, here is another way out. You know what? I simply live that plastic ATM cart that you have in your pocket. It not only helps in withdrawing money but also is really good at scraping the ice of your car windows. At the time of emergency, this can be quite handy and effective tool. In short, you have an ice scraper in your pocket. So just use it in the times of need.


Do you often get stuck with a frozen car in the frosty weather? Here are a few quick DIY Winter car tire care hacks you must check.