3 Interesting Cabinet Ideas for 3 Contemporary Styles of Kitchen

Are you designing your new home’s kitchen or planning a new décor for your old one? Well, this is a very exciting time for you. Right from deciding on the theme to planning on the elements and purchasing different items and furniture to further adorn your space in an eye-catching and heart pleasing manner, there would be a lot to do on your part. And amongst all the essential facets that can give the magic touch to your dream kitchen, the most important one is the cabinet. Kitchen cabinetry is not only a storage unit but is also something that adds definition and character to your cooking space. The décor of your kitchen comes alive owing to the look and feel of the cabinets which consume a substantial portion of your kitchen interior. Therefore, it is no secret that kitchen cabinetry is closely connected to kitchen interiors, and each completes the other in more ways than one.

There are a number of cabinet manufacturers from whom you can buy good quality, beautifully designed, and affordable kitchen cabinets like Walnut, Toffee, Maple, or Cherry and White Shaker cabinets. But first, you must decide on the kind of cabinets you want because the variety you get in the market is bound to leave you spoilt for choices. So, here we have put together a list of different kinds of contemporary interiors and the type of cabinets that complement those interiors. Take a look and decide for yourself.


Contemporary kitchen styles have also undergone a massive change in the past few years. There are different kinds of contemporary decors that are slowly getting adopted by modern and smart homeowners. However, one such interior style that is a rage and quite a talk-of-the-town, is the industrial kitchens. Earlier only seen in restaurants, now these industrial style kitchens are no longer an anomaly in homes. Hearkening back on the industrial era, this interior focuses on the use of exposed steel with distressed wooden items, often accompanied by exposed brick walls and complemented by copper tone accents. Industrial style kitchens have a rustic feel and a rugged nature that caters to both, minimalist as well as elaborate and ornamental designs. So, for such an interior, you can explore the rich chocolate stained brown cabinets like Café Vienna or Walnut.


A bohemian style kitchen can perfectly capture the wild, carefree, and adventurous spirit that is hidden inside you. This kind of avant-garde style kitchen features rich patterns with an interesting mix of vibrant colors, especially the ones with red or purple undertones. Layering with different kinds of prints or throwing in a bit of the outside greenery of succulents and climbers, this could be a kitchen straight from a storybook. While picking the furnishing, your eyes must be on ethnic or nomadic vibes such as Moroccan or tribal-inspired elements. And for the lighting accents, you can go for metallic ones that have a contemporary chic factor in them. For such creatively inspiring kitchens, you should opt for Shaker Style Cabinets available in cherry red or white, that can add to the purposely created “messy” look of the Boho-vibe kitchens.

Sleek Urban

Modern kitchens in posh, city neighborhoods are all about glamour, style, and sophistication. So, if you happen to have your abode in such a classy and cosmopolitan environment, design your kitchen with a fusion of several contradicting yet complementing traits. Stylish chic, ethnic heirlooms, modern minimalism, and quirky experimental designs all can be collided together in this kind of a sleek urban setting. Go for ultra modern, slim, and stylish kitchen islands or tabletops if you have a small dining area in your kitchen. The walls should have wallpaper or wall art that showcases an artistic expression and yet reflects your elegant taste. Similarly, the kitchen cabinets should also draw inspiration from the sophisticated contemporaneity of new-age apartments and houses. Therefore, RTA kitchen cabinets can be a right option for such homeowners. Available in all shapes and sizes, and designed to provide maximum flexibility, these cabinets can define the modernity of grand and glorious city homes.

So, hurry up and start looking for the right cabinet according to the interior of your choice.


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