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3 Signs That the Dental Crown Does Not Fit

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A beautiful smile catches the eyes and wins over hearts. That is why more and more people are striving to get the perfect smile and thanks to the advancements in dentistry it is possible today. Nowadays, dental restorations are available in a number of forms and dental crown is one of the most popular ones among them.

A crown is placed on the natural tooth that has been trimmed down just like a cap. It is designed as a customised porcelain replica of the actual tooth that you had. Thus, the natural tooth is enhanced, protected and rebuilt with the help of the crown.

When the dental crown is properly created to resemble the specification of the tooth precisely you can make it last up to almost 2 decades with proper oral hygiene and regular visit to the dentist.

Nevertheless, if the dental crown was not fitted in the right way, you can easily detect that from the following sigs. Just read on.

There is Something Wrong with Your Bite – You may notice something is wrong with the shape of the crown if the dental crown does not fit in the proper way. This condition is called dental fracture. For example, you may find that the dental crown is higher than the rest of the teeth when you bite down or your crowned tooth comes in contact with the food first as compared to the other teeth in the mouth. This way you can identify if your crown is unfit or not by assessing the bite of the dental crown that may seem to be out of the alignment with that of the other teeth.

Therefore, you have to get it reshaped or buffed by an experienced dentist so that it goes in sync with the teeth alignment and natural bite. This kind a problem arises when your bite is misjudged by the dentist or there occurs some construction error in the laboratory before the crown is placed.

Your Crown Gets Loose – The adequate size, length and shape of the original tooth should be replicated by the crown. The fit of the crown should offer a firm and solid seating for the crown. The crown should feel solid if it is seated in the right way and once cemented it will not come off easily. If the crown is constantly falling off it can be because of the fit of the crown, the shape of crown or the lack of structure of the teeth.

The crowns are usually bonded or cemented and within 5-20 years they may fall when the cement gets washed out. In such cases, the crown’s fit is not a problem. And you may have the same crown recemented unless the underlying tooth has got damaged or has fallen.

You Can Feel Gaps – The crown should feel properly fitted with no space or gaps. That is why you should feel the edge of the crown. Apart from the improper fit, this area between your natural tooth and the edge of your crown is the breeding ground for cavities and this can further damage the tooth.

In an ideal case, the crown which is poorly fitted won’t be tight enough to close the contacts in between the teeth. This space should be such that the floss has to face resistance while passing but at the same time won’t keep breaking or shredding. If such irregularities are noticed, you should go to an experienced cosmetic dentist in Delhi immediately to investigate the situation and resolve it.

The above are some of the most common symptoms that portray that your crown is ill-fitted or does not fit. In order to get the greatest benefits of a crown you must ensure that it is not only made of quality material but also gets fitted accurately so that you have more than one reason to flaunt your million-dollar smile with confidence.