4 Easy Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

Is your maid on vacation? Or due to some reason, she won’t be showing up for few days. At that very moment, you might happen to take care of your. Dealing with the bunch of house chores isn’t easy though but some expert maids Dubai have suggested a few effective yet very easy cleaning hacks that even a laziest person can do. So let’s dig in;

Put on the Swiffer Socks to Walk Around

Well obviously, you can walk around without wearing these socks as well. But if you are willing to try something different that in the end turns up useful as well, you must go for this. for sure, these cozy socks will make you feel like a baby. But when you walk around the house wearing these, you are cutting more than half of your effort that would have put in dusting. In short, you have simply dusted most of your apartment by simply walking. Don’t believe me. Just put these on, walk around the house and take them off. You will the amount of dirt you have gathered by just walking around.

Link Roller for Dusting

It usually takes quite much of an effort when it comes to dusting and cleaning the mantles, lampshade and even shelves. Frankly, one feels like smashing the head into some innocent wall as dealing with corners and edges is quite a pain. Therefore, the best possible alternative is to go for the lint roller. This is a pretty effective tool that will simply cut a huge effort that you usually put in while dealing with the cleaning these items. Simply just use this tool and then you are good to go with your regular vacuuming.

Spray out the Furniture Polish

Not on the furniture exactly unless you need to. There are many other ways you can get benefited with the furniture polish. For a lazy person like me, it’s simply no less than a precious pearl. When it comes to cleaning your stainless steel appliance, it usually take a tons of effort and things get worse if there are some scratches. So whether it’s your fridge, coffee table or even the dresser, just simply spray the furniture polish over this and see the result yourself. But hang on, don’t use this spray on the floor otherwise it will affect the original furniture polish.

Replace Soap with Liquid Shower Gel

The most irritating thing in the bathroom with regards to cleaning it the soap scum. It’s almost next to impossible and people have to put so much effort and solutions in order to get rid of this. But it again goes to waste as there is soap still in there. The next time someone enters to take shower, the soap scum starts to build again. So in order to eradicate this unnecessary yet annoying soap scum cycle, you simply need to replace soap with the liquid shower get. Just use the shower get and there won’t be any soap scum built in your tub or bathroom.


Are you quite lazy when it comes to cleaning? Here are a few amazing hacks that will cut almost half of your cleaning effort. Just check the article now





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