4 Useful Tips for Effectively Maintaining Your Air Conditioner at Home

Today, an Air Conditioner or AC has become an essential household appliance, rather than a luxury. It is hard to spend the summer season in India, especially in the metropolitan cities, without an AC at home. Like any other machine, air conditioners also require occasional maintenance and repairs to remain in service for long time. A breakdown during the hot and humid summer season is no less than a nightmare for many people who have to face the difficulty of getting a right mechanic on time because the majority of good mechanics are usually busy during the summer season owing to large number of complaints. Arbitrary pricing by many service providers is another concern. By following some maintenance tips, you can minimize the chances of AC breakdown and enhance its performance. We have listed below four useful tips for effectively maintaining your air conditioner at home. Have a look and get benefited:

Clean filters as and when required

Nowadays, the air is quite dusty in most of the big cities. The dust and pollution level is quite high in Delhi NCR. So you need to check your air conditioner’s air filters occasionally to ensure that they are clean and not clogged by dust. Most of the modern air conditioners come equipped with an air filter indicator, which lets you know when to clean the filters. To clean the filters properly, remove dust using a brush or cloth from the filter and then, wash it under running water for some time. Then, leave them aside for drying before re-installing them on the AC. This simple activity of timely cleaning filters enhances the life and performance of your air conditioner.

Replace the filters if there is a need

Air filters may wear out with time due to repeated washing and use. In such case, you should replace them with new filters. Not replacing a depleted filter would result in high power consumption and even equipment breakdown.

Check the coils of your AC

Coil is a very important component of an AC, which is vital for its functioning. There are primarily two types of coil in an air conditioner, namely: condenser coil and evaporator coil. At the beginning of every season, before you first time start the AC, proper cleaning is necessary. At that time, also check the coils to make sure they have not accumulated dust. If there is dust, clean it properly using a cleaning brush (you may also use an old toothbrush); unplug the appliance during cleaning. Also make sure that there is no oil-like substance on the coils. If there is such substance, it indicates a gas leak and in that case you have to call a mechanic. If you stay at Gurgaon, you may look for AC repair in Gurgaon or in Delhi, wherever you get a good service provider. Proper fixing of such issues is necessary, so don’t try to cut corners on repairs and do call a competent AC service provider.

Check external AC parts

No matter whether you have a split or window AC installed at your home, it is necessary to have a look at the external AC parts from time to time. This is so because the external parts are exposed to outside elements such as heat, moisture, dust, debris, etc. So, it is important to clean them occasionally so that they don’t find their way into the unit and lead to malfunctioning or breakdown. Also inspect the wires, pipes, connections, etc., occasionally to identify any sign of wear and tear on time.

The above steps are no doubt helpful and useful in effectively maintaining your air conditioner, but it is advisable to take an AMC service from a reputable AC repair and maintenance service provider to avoid any headache. Professional service providers are expert in their work. A capable service provider provides prompt, round-the-clock, and effective services at affordable prices. Whether you require an AC installation service in Noida or Delhi, the AC installation and dismantling services are also covered under good AMC plans.


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