5 Web Designing Trends One Should Follow

Every day we come across something new happening in the IT industry. No sooner it is in the news the designers and developers make every effort to start applying it in their work or gain knowledge about it to keep themselves updates. Ever since the IT industry came into being, this is a common practice followed in the industry. As soon as something new is launched that could be beneficial and appealing for the professionals, companies and the world as a whole is immediately grabbed by industry professionals.

To make things visible to the people, web technology plays a vital role. Users get sea of information through websites. In India too many web solutions providers are offering web solutions which is possible through web technology and engineering. For successful and effective design and develop, one has to remain faithful to quality and commitments made. One should also remain updated about the trends in the industry and what is making impact in the market.

If you are all set to get your website designed and hunting for a specialist web designing company in Delhi NCR then below are 5 most expected trends that you should be aware of:

  1. Responsive Design on Larger Screens

Until now focus was to make sites that are mobile and smartphone friendly, but now the trend is to develop them for larger screens for devices with high resolutions. Responsive design of a page has to be friendly for both small and large screens devices.

  1. Functionality of the Site is No Less Important

Just like the industry, the audience too are smart and demanding these days. They can’t be fooled by making appealing designs as now they know functionality, usability and flexibility of a site is equally important. How it functions is of prime importance and making its interactive to keep the audience engaged is a must.

  1. Animations, Videos and Card Layouts

Card layouts are making inroads now in this technology. Users get detailed information in a very small bit sized formats. These are very user friendly and give a clear and focused look to the users. In between if small animated images, videos are inserted then it makes the page appealing and interactive.

  1. Vertical Pattern and Long Scroll

Vertical patterns and long scrolls too are in trends these days. Organised content in card layout with long scroll is much in use in the market. Looking at the future potential of mobile traffic, these trends should be kept in mind.

  1. Flat Designs

Flat is still now out. It is believed that flat designs will increase the access rate of webpages. It helps in faster loading of pages. People will take lesser time in opening the sites and viewing its content. Logos in flat designs will make them more visible to the visitor.

Companies today keep themselves updated about the new trends and technologies to retain their client base. The clients today are very demanding and so are their target audience. It is beneficial for all to keep note of the trends to stay ahead in the market. A reputed HTML 5 web designing company in Delhi offers all these in their services.


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