6 Common SEO Scams & How to Avoid Them

An SEO company in Dubai can be exceptionally good or totally flawed depending on its practices. Almost anyone can write meta-data and optimise a website however; it requires unique writing skills and extensive knowledge of website robots and their working.

SEO goes beyond creating keyword phrases and titling pages being a critical tool necessary to communicate with robots as well as help compels organic (human) visitors to click and browse the website.

What’s more troubling is the red flag that may float anytime if a certain SEO company in Dubai or anywhere else makes certain unlikely claims and promises. Here’s how to detect a bad SEO firm and avoid getting scammed;

  1. Free-trial services

If a company claims something like free services for 30 days, asking access to the website in order to evaluate, never ever give away anything whatsoever. Handing them passwords and crucial details is similar to giving them your car keys and ATM account access so, say no to this!

  1. Under-priced or overpriced services

There’re many websites from where bidders come in all shapes and sizes that you should avoid downright. Someone who doesn’t have their price in lieu with others can’t be trusted. Follow the simple rule of “low quote is likely to buy low quality work while the price is sky-high”. A company having an established reputation and a successful track record doesn’t need getting business from such websites that undermine their reputation.

  1. Promise of site indexing within 48-hours

Yet another clear indication of a bad SEO company in Dubai or any other place is one which promises site indexing through a major search engine without ever visiting the website or analysing the content. The quality, amount of content and layout of the site are a few important elements in getting good listings; not bogus promises!

  1. Guaranteed page ranking in half-the-time

Don’t ever get engaged with a business which promises a specific page ranking in shortest possible time. Remember, ranking is achieved periodically by Google and not on a regular basis; there isn’t anything to speed up the process. Sometimes, it takes weeks and even months to have the page ranked; not to mention competitive websites and comparison.

  1. Huge submissions

Almost every other SEO claims submitting the website over thousands of search engines which is simply not worth paying for. What use will your website be on those “thousand” micro-market search engines that nobody knows of! A perfect website doesn’t even need submission over major search engines whereas the very process doesn’t guarantee millions of visits.

  1. Copyrights to meta-data & SEO

Be sure not to do business with companies that insist retaining copyrights to the meta-data they create, edit and analyse. If they simply retain the rights that would’ve been assigned to you, such companies can legally prohibit your access or totally scrap your website.


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