Bahria Paradise: Elegance Beyond Imagination


Bahria Town, a housing society project that needs no introduction, has made quite a wave in the market and in the minds of the people in the recent times. Everyone living in Pakistan today, wishes to own a piece of land or a flat in this mega project. It has become the ideal location for the perfect home in all the cities of Pakistan.

Bahria Town Karcahi is a beautiful and enchanting place. The Bahria Paradise plots from the Bahria Town Karachi are the highest on demand these days. The attractions like the Central Park the exclusive project under the supervision of Haroon’s Estate and Developer’s they designed the replica Taj Mahal have added extra appeal and hence demand by the people. These places and their unwatchable features have everyone’s eyes locked on them.

The most highlighted part of Bahria Paradise is the Luxury Villas which are doubled with extravaganza class and comfort. There is amazing space in these villas which have 5 bedrooms and excessively stylish and luxurious designs and layouts. The intricate working by the architects has proved how Bahria Town is the true holder of the best location title.

The latest development updates in Bahria Paradise

Right since the launch of Bahria Paradise last year, the project has been doing developments in a fast pace. Almost about half of the work on this project has been successfully completed by the authorities. All the structural developments have taken place and only the grey structure is being worked on at the moment. Almost more than half of the villas in Bahria Paradise are ready and complete while the others are anticipated to be ready shortly by the end of this year.

When can you possess?

Since the development is near to its completion, the possession procedure is expected to take place very soon. The Villas are expected to be available fpor possession after about 2 years as per the schedule by the authorities.

The Percincts

The precinct and the road structure where the Bahria Paradise karachi is situated have been constructed and all the inclusive work in it has been taken care of. The sewerage work of that entire road has also been completed which is currently anticipating its carpeting.

The Price Update

The entire project of Bahria Sports City Villas was initiated at Rs. 3.84 crore which was to be disbursed in installments on a four years installment plan. Three installments have been cleared as of now. When these villas will finally be available to the public for purchase, they can get a villa at Rs. 50 to 90 lacs.

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