Benefits of Spay or Neutering Your Pet

Have you recently adopted a pet? If yes, congratulations. However, now is the time to make the most important decision of your life. Should you spay or neuter your cat or dog? Spaying means removing the ovaries and neutering means removing the testicles of the male pet. But, how does this help? Let’s look at the top five benefits of removing the reproductive systems of the pets.

  1. Spaying or removing the ovaries will help prevent any uterine infections in the female’s pets. It also reduces the chances of developing breast cancer in them. Did you know that 50% of the dogs and about 90% of the cats die due to breast cancer? The best protection you can get them from any disease is spaying your pet before her first heat.
  2. Neutering will offer major health benefits to the male pet. Besides that, it will prevent unwanted litter, and it also protects your pet from testicular cancer.
  3. If you want to keep your home litter and urine free, you definitely need to spay the female pets. The female pets go into heat every 3 weeks during the breeding season. And when the breeding season is on, the female pet will urinate more and yowl all over your house in search of her mate. Do you want that?
  4. A dog with his reproductive system will want to run away from the home every now and then looking for a mate. And once he’s out, there is a high chance of injuries in traffic, and fights with other male pets.
  5. And finally, the cats and dogs that a neutered are much more focused on their human families, and this is what you want, right? Their love and cuddling?

Make up your mind now and find a low cost spay and neuter vet in Houston.