Best Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business

Best Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business [May, 2018]


To get to greater heights in a small business, one should have each and every step chalked out with great effort and planning. Accounting is one such field where every businessman/woman-small or big must lay an impressive amount of attention for the cordial development of business and having a fast paced cloud accounting software has in a way revolutionized the world of business. If you love movies, make sure to check out list of free movie websites.

Presenting before you the Best Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business acting as right hand for most of the small business around:


  • It is simple, has an easy user interface, spares one from hectic paper work and the clients can be wooed by the professional look of the invoices.
  • It has an outstanding system for automating the tasks like managing the record of expenses, invoicing and tracking the time and maintaining it so as to have full interaction with the customer.
  • It helps you to get paid 11 days faster by accepting credit cards online and saves the time to run behind customers for cheques.



  • It is an automatic bookkeeping software which claims to provide the highest quality with lowest costs and fastest insights.
  • It provides four pricing options for ease depending on the number of revenue and expense transaction. It is always available for accounting support, unlimited reporting and dedicated accountants.
  • It also provides the user with ‘The Ultimate guide’ for new users to set up a bookkeeping system so as to get the best account management for small growing business.


3. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

  • It uses simple instructions in order to be the best for a self -employed worker. A glance at its home page itself will guide the user what to do next.
  • It shows all the profit loss statements updated, current month’s expenses and open invoices. It also has separate tools for time tracking, create individual time entries and view them in graphical formats.


4. Intuit QuickBooks Online

  • It keeps a check on the fact that you get paid faster and also your postage is saved by sending invoices online. Keeps track of all the important stuff about vendors, customers and employee related details .
  • It can also integrate with other Applications so that the user can reach out for other services like customer relationship management.



  • Though it has expensive monthly cost it is a suitable app for iPad with excellent customer support.
  • It has a setup easy to organise and spares you from complexities of dashboard by keeping all the relevant and required information on the homepage. It has 3 main tabs ‘actions’, ‘lists’ and ‘reports’ which easily categorise the different sections.

one up


  • It is pretty easy to use be it on any platform-desktop, laptop or cell phone with its excellent features like invoicing, inventory, CRM and of course accounting.
  • It has an intuitive layout with built-in merchant services and good pricing plans with a discount for the first six months’ usage!



  • It has excellent features of accurate tax calculations and deductions, managing yearly statements, invoices, payrolls, integrations and direct deposits.
  • It is just the right and most suitable for sole proprietors and freelancers who need an easy to use accounting services.

sage business coud

8. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  • It has efficient deployment of Cloud, SaaS, Web, android natives and iOS natives.
  • Automatic invoice generation, credit notes, doing transactions and keeping an update of the associated details are the highlighted features. It can support multiple users and is rich in simple inventory-management capabilities.



  • Besides small business’ account handling its popular amongst midsize business groups having international suppliers too. Invoice management, global payment records, reconciliation and reporting are the features that make it good for use.
  • It helps streamlining supplier payment workflows, simplification of approval routing and automatically checks payment information for the ease of the user.

info flo

10. InfoFlo Pay

  • It is the best solution for management of tasks, calendars-events, integrated contacts and relationships with the clients and has an easy to use CRM database.
  • It has especially developed portals for clients so as to maintain a direct relationship with them and prevent any hiccups in quoting of estimates, bill payments and transactions.

These software are definitely going to help build a stronger and flawless accounting management thus making up a stronger grip for the small business groups in the market.

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