Best Solution for Car Shipping

Best Solution for Car Shipping


Starting out as a small transport shipping venue, now going towards to becoming one of the leading auto shipping marketplaces in the United States.

Auto Transport City is simply a neutral marketplace where shippers and service providers use this platform to come and meet and have discussions about the Auto Hauling service. Where they negotiate the terms and arrangement of the shipments and they come into a legal binding contract.

Our Vision is to make such a platform for our users that provides them with the best marketplace where all their shipping activities are done without any mishaps or setbacks.

A shipper can easily find a transport service provider for its motor vehicle and the service provider can easily make the delivery and get paid for the services rendered.

Say goodbye to all those backward days of the hassle of finding a reliable car transport company. Auto Transport City also has tremendous features where you can the authenticity of the shipper by displaying the FMCSA and BBB certification icon right beside the service provider’s name.

Best Solution for Car Shipping

Besides the ease of finding out the legitimacy of service providers, the platform of Auto Transport City is easy to use and get the hang of.

How to Get Started?

Starting out and using our venue is a no-brainer. All you have to do is to create your profile at our venue, just by following these steps.

To go the registration page,


If you need to ship your car,

You need to do the following to register,

  • Enter Your First and Last Name
  • Enter Your Company Name (If you check on Business).
  • Enter Your Registered Phone Number.
  • Enter Your Email Address with a Password.


If you are a Carrier Or a Broker,

You need to do the following to register,

  • Enter Your First and Last Name
  • Enter Your Desired Company’s Name
  • Enter Your DOT and MC Number
  • Enter Your Registered Phone Number.
  • Enter Your Email Address with a Password.


When you hit the “register”, you would receive a confirmation email to complete the registration process. Log on to your email address and follow the link given in the confirmation email to complete the registration and become our valued member.

What features does ATC offer to its members?

One of the paramount factors of our successful enterprise are the features we offer to our valuable members. These features are the stepping stones to the key to our success. Some of the highly featured perks that our members enjoy on our website are as follows,


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

We offer our members highly secured platform where they can easily share their delicate information without a second of hesitation or doubtfulness. SSL is a highly secured protection protocol which encrypts every information into its database. That gives the members a peace of mind using our venue.


Payment System

Auto Transport City provides one of the safest payment methods on our website. This can be explained by our strict policy against non-returnable payment systems such as MoneyGram and Western Union. These payment systems make the doubtful environment for the shippers and they have a hard time in trusting the service providers.

Considering that, Our Payment System is easily returnable or refundable in case of mishaps or misunderstandings or any valid reason which implicates that amount must be returned to the shipper.

There are basically payment systems that are allowed and permissible within the Auto Transport City vicinity.

ATC Payment System, It includes payments made by either your credit or debit card. The cards include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

PayPal, It’s the most common and most usable mode of making payment in the e-commerce industry.

Besides these two methods of payment, there are not any mode of payments allowed in our marketplace.

So, rest assured. Your payments will be secured and our SSL domain will also keep your delicate information safe and encrypted.

No limit on Bids

We have made the shippers with the payment method. Now, it’s time to make our valuable transporters happy and excited as well.

Just as the heading points out, there are not any limits on posting bids on our website. Post bids as much as you want. You will not be overcharged, less compensated or be charged with any hidden costs.

It’s a golden opportunity for any service providers to start their career or expand their business franchise at our venue.


This one is something for a little of both. After completion of every successful transaction, you both will be given an opportunity to rate each other’s performance. Feedback will not be the ultimate but still have a huge impact on each others profile.

There are many shippers who will go with the service provider who has the most positive feedback and same for the service providers. Some service providers will also only propose their bids to those shippers who have a successful and positive profile. It’s very good method to sift out the best from the rest.


One more good news for the shippers. Shippers are also able the view the certificate from the FMCSA and the BBB. Well, all the service providers have got to be registered with the FMCSA to provide the transport service.

However, there will be some service providers who are not registered with the BBB. Now, you would have the option the either to go with the service provider that has both or the one who has only FMCSA registration.

These are some of the best features that ATC offers and also the ones that keep us being the leading marketplace in the shipping industry and the secret to our success.


To get started with Auto Transport City here is the link to get register: