Big Data or Big Threats?

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The manifestations of artificial intelligence along with the great big data revolution is indeed a profound technological evolution. The rise of the machines has posed a threat to our roles. Although the threat is invisible the question is how this will affect us and our lives? Will jobs disappear because of machines? How will we cope with this new digital landscape?

• Let’s go back to the industrial revolution of the 18th century when the hand production method was replaced by machines with the rise of steam and coal power. Factories were replaced by machines and millions of jobs were being lost because of it. In fact, the unemployment was worst in the time of 1840s. Today’s big data-driven technology is leading us to such a period in which machines will take over human jobs. As a matter of fact, automation has been taken to the extreme level which is scary. Now there are computers available that can write and publish articles in magazines and journals. This creates an opportunity for new entrants to come close to new industries that used to be unexplored. For example, companies like Uber, are competing by making a network of drivers with their big data business model. The drivers they work with are not even on their payroll! How incredible is that! To make yourself more knowledgeable, check out the top certification in big data and analytics.

• New players are entering into the traditional industries which were unaffordable at first! The sheer power of sharing business models which are driven by big data is making it possible for everyone to raise the money needed for projects. Some industries are having a very high barrier to entry. In this case, many projects are setting up crowd-funding campaigns which can raise almost millions of dollars. These new business models are creating various new roles for a new type of workforce. And this figure keeps on growing consistently. These new business models offer much more flexibility and independence to the employees. You can learn more about these business models with the best certification in big data analytics.

• The revolution of big data has given a perfect landscape especially to the entrepreneurs who are willing to kick off! Several individual initiatives are being taken with brand new business models which are distorting the traditional ones. Take the initiative now to make your career flawless with the top certification in big data analytics.

• But still, the security issues that come with big data is one of the biggest risks. Great business opportunities can be discovered but there are endless possibilities. While big data can be useful for improving customer experience, it can also bring multiple privacy issues which are a primary concern for any data scientist and the organization as well. Working in the field of big data, many data scientists are witnessing these challenges. During the time of data collection, the data scientist must take all the essential security protections including real-time management keeping in the mind the massive size of big data. They always have to remember the fact that handling such huge amount of data sets could get messy and it needs an incredible effort.

As with any technology, big data involves an element of risk and it can be for a number of specific reasons.