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drive a car in USA

This is a subject that is not exciting for me who am not a fan of cars, speed or motorsport (the opposite of my husband in summary!) But in the country of Uncle Sam, he is inconceivable to live there without a 4-wheeled vehicle. After my article on how to rent a car in the US, I’m just going to give you a little sketch from our own experience of the past few days on how to purchase and insure a car in the USA, and finally in our case for Florida.

Regarding the purchase, this is, of course, the easiest phase especially that everyone will not have the same needs, the same tastes and especially the same financial means ($$$) to spend on this purchase. With my husband specialized in the subject “automobile” at my side, it is clearly he who took the orders to decide which model we were going to buy. We did discuss it together, as our research progressed, to gradually refine our choice of model. But first where to buy?

Just like in our native France, you can buy with an individual or at a professional reseller (which you will find on major classic sites like Craigslist,, or any other online ads support). My husband had decided on the question, considering that there were too many pitfalls to avoid on a purchase with an individual, but also because of the heavier administrative procedures to do with an individual (such as going with the owner to your home). Insurer to verify that the car he is selling you is insurable!). Note that all ad sites recommend a certain caution if you must be brought to meet an individual for a purchase … Do not fall into psychosis but it is good to remain lucid (The ad spotted with the last Ford Mustang has less than $ 10,000, it smells like a scam !!). If you choose the individual, it is also you who will have to go to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to register the car in your name (Registration) and obtain not the registration card but the ” title,” in fact, the title of your future acquisition.

Let’s go back to our sheep, or rather our cars … How did it go for us to buy and insure a car in the USA? Most simply, the choice was just difficult to make until the end! Let me explain. After surfing a few hours on the web, my husband has drawn up a list of cars to see on the garages in Orlando and its surroundings. I was able to eliminate Dodge Challenger and other Chevy Camaro cars from the very beginning because my husband’s arguments did not last long against my family on a reasonable budget and 2 children.

Having accepted (unwillingly for my husband) to give up sports cars, so we are oriented to 4 × 4 standard sizes, not to say small in the US. I also talk about it in my editorial drive a car in the USA; you have to know that the Americans are (very) big rollers and that they change vehicles regularly. Kilometers, or rather “mileages” here as we are in miles, are quite high on many used cars. Our budget of around $ 10,000 allowed us to select “classic” road cars that had between 50,000 and 100,000 miles (a range of between 80,000 and 160,000 km!), But here we consider that a car that has 90,000 miles has average mileage! The 4 × 4 are almost all around 100,000 miles for this rate. It should also be noted that American engines are mostly V6 or V8, so with the capacity to cash more kilometers than traditional 4 cylinders more common in Europe.

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