Car Windscreen Replacement or Repair : The Options You Have

This information to educate and update the members of the public on auto glasses. Once they’re properly educated, they’ll automatically be able to protect themselves from frauds and unethical practices involving auto glasses.

Auto glass is a major component in cars and other automobile vehicles. It is mostly used as windscreen or windshield to protect the people inside a vehicle from being hit by foreign objects from the road. Windshield installation experts in London also point out that, the glass also provides support to the roof of a vehicle in situations of crash rollover.

Whenever, you consider a car windscreen replacement, it is important to know the major varieties of the product that are available. The major varieties include the following:

  • Front (laminated) windshield: Two glass pieces are fused together, while placing a vinyl liner in between. This enables the windshield to remain as a single piece even in the situation of a massive breakage. It also keeps the bugs out of your teeth and offers structural support to the vehicle roof as mentioned above.
  • Tempered glass: The window glasses of any vehicle usually shatters to very tiny pieces when broken. This happens because of tempered glass. This type of glasses is used for car windows to ensure, in cases of submerge the window pane can easily be broken to allow the passengers an escape route.

Regulatory standards

Professionals, who provide car windscreen replacement in London, abide by the government regulation and standard. As per regulation, it is important that the window glass meets FMVSS 205 standards, so that it can be marketed as safety glass. If you take a proper look at your windshield, you’ll notice a DOT stamp. It indicates the glass meets the proper regulatory standards.

Auto glass shops usually follow a standard set of rules regarding replacing or repairing damaged windshields. These are as following:

  • A crack is larger than 6 inches
  • A chip is larger than a quarter
  • A windshield with more than 3 chips or cracks should better be replaced

Insurance companies and their approach

Insurance companies have a standard approach while dealing with cases of a chip along the driver’s line of sight. First they’ll persuade you to go for chip repair. If that proves insufficient, then they’ll ask you to replace the windshield. It is important to note here that as per the consumer rights, you can replace the windshield in the first place without going for the chip repair.

A chip or a pit

As a motorcar owner, you should know the difference between a pit and a chip. A pit can be described as a small ice cream scoop made out of the front windshield of your car. To get a reliable windscreen repairer, you can search the web using relevant strings like “car windscreen replacement near me”. The impact of this damage doesn’t affect the layer of plastic in between the two glass layers. A pit isn’t covered by insurance, as it is irreparable. On the other hand, a chip damage has some starring, which provides the resin a space to adhere to.

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