What is cloud storage and should you use it?

Computer Technology

Cloud storage is being widely adopted for use by a lot of people. And if you have not already signed up for a service, then you need to check out goodcloudstorage. Through that site, it is much easier to find a cloud storage service that fits your budget and needs. But first of all, you have got to know what cloud storage really is.

When you save a file (for example a photo) on your computer, it is physically saved on the computer’s hard drive. A normal PC has several hundred gigabytes (GB) to store data and, if it falls short, we can buy an external hard disk of one or several terabytes (TB). This hard drive is usually connected to the computer by USB but it is not essential. There are already models that connect to your WiFi router so they are available for all devices in the house. Note that in this way the data is not on each device but in a site external to it. That influences the speed at which that data is accessed, which is slightly lower for this example.

How does the cloud work?

There are some companies that offer space on their servers to keep our data in them (free or paid). For example, we will explain how Dropbox works, the most popular cloud service, though there are many more that you can check out at goodcloudstorage. This particular company offers users 2 GB of free space when people open an account and download the program on their computer. This is what is called the synchronization client or desktop application. Once installed, a folder called “Dropbox” appears on your computer. From that moment everything that we put into this folder will be copied immediately into the cloud.

Why should you use cloud storage anyway?

There are a ton of reasons why you should use cloud storage services. In the case of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., it is not practical to have a local copy of everything because it would take up too much space. In these cases you can consult the data one by one, downloading from the cloud what is needed at each moment. That slows down the speed but allows you to have full access to all the information wherever we are, so it’s worth the wait. With appropriate apps, we can even modify the files from the mobile or tablet, although it is more convenient to do it from the computer.

In some cases, if you find the right cloud storage service, such as when you visit goodcloudstorage, it is also possible to be way more secure with your sensitive data. This is because you will not have to worry about an unauthorized user finding your private data since you can just restrict access to it from the cloud.

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about what cloud storage is, and what you can gain from it. Remember, it is crucial that you visit goodcloudstorage, especially if you want to find a cloud storage service that offers the most value for your money!