Considering a Hair Transplant? 4 Insider Tips

All of us, we love our hair. But sometimes our hair doesn’t seem to love us back. Fading hairlines and receding hair give such signs. To combat this situation, many go for hair transplants and related treatments. You can go back and revisit the days when you still had a head full of black hair. However, you will need to consider certain factors and aspects before getting into this treatment.

Here are some 4 insider tips that you will need to know while considering a hair transplant:

1. Cost

Yes, the entire process might be slightly costly for some. The pricing depends on the particular surgeon, clinic, geographical region, etc. You will need to realize that good and permanent results do require money. Consider the costs regarding the operations beforehand. However, a good hair transplant does have long-term benefits and can be seen as an investment rather than a recurring cost. Paying for such treatment is better than shelling out fortunes on expensive hair products or hairpieces.

2. Permanence

Ensure that the hair transplant gives permanent results. Usually, it is claimed by companies and experts that the procedure is 95% permanent with results that are visible 10 months after the treatment. Still, there might be cases with hair thinning or hair loss even after the procedure. In such situations, it is advisable to take some effective hair loss medications. Minoxidil and Finasteride are some specific examples. Still, it will be better if you talk to your surgeon about using such medications.

Tips for the final week/days before the transplant

Before the surgery, you will need to wash your hair two times a day. A normal head bath is fine. Do not go for sophisticated spa treatments.

Also ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol, antibiotics or hard drugs. However, if you are under serious illness and are still required to have those drugs, then consult your doctor prior treatment.

Types of treatment

There are usually two main types of procedures for hair transplants, and it becomes important to choose the right one. There is the FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transaction). So you can gain some knowledge of both the procedures beforehand.

The FUT is the older method which mainly includes cutting and removing strips of skin and hair from the scalp. It is then divided and transplanted into the balding areas. The FUE method is the more recent alternative. There are small incisions involved around each hair follicle unit. This is also prepared and transplanted to the balding areas. It is better to avail the FUE for some as FUT does leave scars at the back of your head.

You can see a hair transplant as an efficient long-term investment to make your scalp look younger. Anyone can get a hair transplant (except children and those suffering from pre-existing medical conditions). So, here are some important things that you can consider if you too wish to undergo hair transplant in Korea.