How A Custom Website Design Influences Search Engine Optimization

Web designing is an area of work that influences other areas of work. Actually, it works both ways like SEO influences custom website design work and the designing work somehow influences SEO work. Companies offering digital marketing and Web development services know this fact for a very long time.

1.    Design improves Website’s usability that improves SEO

If users can navigate the website easily, they are likely to stick around for a long time. Google notes the time spent by the users on the website. Web pages where users spent more time are ranked well.

2.    Design can Decrease the Page Load Time

Users and Google love the pages that load quickly. It’s the development and the custom website design department that can decrease the page load time and ultimately help in SEO. They do by decreasing the image sizes and cleaning the code of the website.

3.    Decrease Bounce Rate

It’s the designing department that takes care of the distribution of the information on a web page, color scheme, contrast with the background and fonts. A good combination of all these will help in keeping the users on the webs page for longer time hence decreasing the bounce rate which is good for website’s SEO.

4.    Less Duplicate Content

Well sorted elements on a web page will let the content curators put unique and interesting content on the page and not repeat that on the other pages resulting in original content throughout the website. Original content is the fuel for website’s SEO.

5.    Better Social Quotient

A web designer always told to keep space for social media icons in the header, footer or keep it sticky on the sidebar. It is part of the custom website design work but has a direct impact on website’s SEO as better social circle improves SEO indirectly.


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