How to Deal with Your Refrigerator Problems?

Amongst the various home appliances we sue in for our daily use, the refrigerator values the most as it offers numerous benefits. Unfortunately, there are times when the fridge loses its capacity to function well. That is to say, the continuous use might cause some unavoidable issues which result in inconvenience. Have you ever faced any such situations? If you ever did, what was your way of finding a solution? In this blog, we have discussed some common fridge issues and smart ways to deal with them.

Some most commons fridge problems

The best way to deal with a fridge issue is to understand it right and act in the correct direction. Read on to know some common signs those indicate improper functioning of your fridge.

  • The fridge stops running completely
  • The fridge makes unnecessary and unusual noises
  • It builds up ice inside
  • The refrigerator doesn’t cool properly
  • There is water leakage inside or outside the fridge
  • The light works but fridge is not running

The first step to take in this situation is to call the team of fridge repairs in New Farm to have a professional investigation of the problem. The specialist will tell you about the details of the matter and solve the issue as soon as possible. You can also try repairing it yourself with proper guidance. Just keep reading for some helpful tips for the purpose.

fridge repairs in New Farm

When the fridge stops running completely

If you see the refrigerator doesn’t work at all, first see that the appliance is plugged in properly into the socket and getting proper supply of electricity. The situation of the light not turning on even when the switch is plugged in properly indicates electrical failure. In case you find no electrical issue like a blown fuse or an issue with the working of circuit breaker, it is something which an expert can handle better. Call your expert and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Light turns on but fridge not running

Often you come across a situation when the light turns on while you open the door but the system is not seen running. This situation is an indication of a serious and unavoidable problem. The point to start with is checking the temperature. On lowering the temperature significantly, you might hear the system getting back to work. If this doesn’t happen, the reason behind the problem could be numerous like compressor relay, compressor motor or overload protector.

The refrigerator doesn’t cool properly

There arises a situation when the device runs as normal but the temperature is not enough to cool it as desired. In such case, ensure the temperature is set properly and hasn’t been adjusted recently. Try lowering the temperature to see if it is sufficient. Check if the seals are functioning well and if nothing helps, calling an expert is the last option to detect the actual concern. You may also suffer these same issues with your air conditioner too, so you need to ask and expert for your air conditioner servicing.

Unnecessary and unusual noises

If you hear loud noises coming from the refrigerator while it’s running, it could be a sign of improper balance. It would be appropriate to find out if there’s something upsetting the balance. In case you see it running continuously making the sound, it could be a matter of defrosting. You will then have to defrost the system completely to bring it back to proper balance.

Water leakage inside the fridge

If you find water inside the refrigerator, ensure it is drained out properly. Unplug the fridge and clean the drain tube well. Most often, these simple tricks can get your fridge working.

However, it is always better to ask an expert’s help for professional advice and repairs. Get in touch with the experts at Ideal Refrigeration and Appliance Services.

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