Different Styles of Indian Jewellery

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Different Styles of Indian Jewellery

We have varieties of a pair of clothes like Kurtis, Sarees, Salwar Suits as well as some pair of Lehengas but we don’t have matching jewellery as well as how many types of jewellery are available? Confused!!!! I am going to help you out by explaining different type of jewellery. Jewellery is available from head to toe, but we don’t find out the exact match with your attire. Here is the list of types of jewellery available in the market:

Hand Harness: This is kind of modern jewellery but originally it is used in traditional time. Basically, it is a bracelet attached to a chain to a ring. In the ancient era, it was worn by maharanis. Today we can see mostly in the hands of brides.

Maang Tika: This is another Traditional ornament. The designs and styles get changed. It is well-liked as a well-designed jewel piece to ornament your hair and forehead.

Toe Rings: Toe rings are mostly worn with an ethnic dress like Saree or Patiala Salwar. Toe ring is mostly worn by married women. There are so many designs are available in the market in silver gold, etc.. Nowadays women also wear designer toe rings on western dresses.


The Earring is the other ornament most of the women like to wear and without this, any outfit won’t be complete. It is a wear with the traditional outfit as well as the western outfit. We have lots of collections in earrings as per outfit like:

Stud Earrings:  These are the shortest and most wear on the western tunic and on jeans top.

Jhumkis:  These are the real traditional type of earring and these are mostly worn with Anarkali suit or Salwar suit.

Chandelier:  the person having a royal taste always found of chandelier earrings.

Hoop earrings:  Hoop earrings structured in round shape. Nowadays these are available in square, polygon, etc. in the market or in online stores.

Threader Earrings:  these earrings are hanging straight downwards and wear mostly with designer Salwar suits.

Drop Earrings: These earrings are worn on sarees and on long Kurtis.

Ear Cuff: Ear cuffs are fashionistas from the fashion ramps of the earth. They are available with remarkable stone jewels and cover the exterior of ears gracefully. You can wear it over designer lehengas.


Bracelets are a very sophisticated piece of jewellery, mostly wear on western dresses as well as on long cotton Kurtis. These are made of precious or semi-precious stones.

Rings: Rings are the elegant jewellery as everyone wants to wear with any of the outfits.

Chokers and Necklace: Chokers looks like the band as cover the neck and Necklace vary with lengths. Both look very elegant. Choker has western designs as well as traditional designs but mostly wear with a western outfit.

Foot Jewellery:  These Pieces of jewellery are basically loved by a rural culture at the time of marriage.

Anklet: Anklet is the ideal foot harness. There are lots of styles are available in the market. We can opt for heavy as well as a light anklet as per the choice.

Nose Ring: Nose ring is the most traditional type of ornaments. In rural culture, bride loves to wear also called “Nath”. Nath values a lot as it looks elegant and modern women couldn’t stay away from the glamour and stylish.

Armlet: Armlet looks superb with beautiful arms of women. We can wear on many occasions and armlet enhances the faultlessness of the outfit.

Kamarband: This mostly wears on saree or Lehengas. If we want to fault our waistline in saree, so to make more attractive and remarkable, kamarband will be there.

Braid Jewels: To enhance the beauty of the braid of hairstyle, we can go with a different style of braid jewels. At the time of the wedding or other occasions, we can wear it and beautify your style.

These are the ornaments which are worn by the women at any occasion or events. So girls go and decorate your beautiful body with these beautiful accessories. Fascraft also provides you with the accessories in affordable rate in no time. We can get a need to order online and you will get different styles of fashion jewellery at your doorstep. Women deserve all the love, respect and pampering.