10 Tips for Marketers from the Vice President of Marketing for the Designer Site Wix

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Vice president of marketing for Israeli service for creating websites Wix.com Omer Shay prepared methods for Growth Hacks that helped the company get 60 million users.

Here’s most effective tips from Omer Shay WIX’s vice president

1. Create a unique product.

If your product or service has no value for potential customers, does not offer the solutions they need, does not meet the needs of the market – in other words, it is not competitive, it will no longer matter how strong your marketing department is and how big your budgets are.

At the same time, remember that working on a product is a continuous, continuous process. It cannot be completed in principle. It is not worthwhile, however, to delay the release in an attempt to release the perfect solution. If you want to include more products in your business or want to add some more items to do business, research small business ideas with low budget and then Enter the market with an MVP (minimum viable product), look at the reaction of the audience and continue to develop, offer new services. Constantly moving forward, otherwise, you risk very quickly surrender positions.

2. Appreciate your users

You need to know your audience and understand its needs in order to ultimately offer the best possible solution. By prioritizing the development of new functionality and services, we always analyze requests from users.

When launching a new project, we first open access to only a limited percentage of users and see how smoothly the new version works and how positive the feedback from familiarity with it is.

In addition to the new technical capabilities of the platform, we provide other tools to enhance your online presence and promote your business online. In fact, we train our users and offer our own expertise in the format of educational materials in the support center, as well as articles in the blog.

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We communicate with them on our forum and in social networks. In addition, we hold free regular offline meetings with lectures on the most relevant topics – the last seminar in The UK, for example, was devoted to contextual advertising and the creation of landing pages, before we talked about SEO.

In addition to our own specialists, we invite the best experts in our field – we closely cooperate with Yandex, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, leading digital agencies and designers.

3. Customer demand is at the forefront

It is a clear understanding of user requests that can increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Concentrate primarily on those who are looking for a product or service similar to yours. Understand who these people are and how best to communicate with them.

For themselves, they have already formulated a need – you just have to satisfy it. You should not intentionally complicate your life and beat the gun on the sparrows if you just started your business path.

4. Brand performance

Many marketers do not consider the brand in relation to the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet. However, this combination can be the key to effective marketing.

Having a clear and understandable brand message, you increase your chances of being noticed by your target audience. Your scope will be more accurate.

We constantly analyze the results of advertising campaigns and optimize not only the cost of clicks and conversions but also the creative materials themselves, depending on how well they worked. It is best to start with direct-response-marketing, PPC search – search advertising.

Its effectiveness is very easy to calculate; from each dollar spent, you can immediately see a return, which is expressed in a growing client base. Many start-up companies focus too much on brand awareness, participation in events, PR. As a result, a lot of money and effort are spent, and the base of real users is not growing. We started advertising on radio and TV, promotion in social networks, PR only a couple of years after launch.

5. Marketing materials must be unique.

It is wrong and wrong to invent one type of creative and then simply scale it. In the marketing mix, for each channel, relevant promotional material is created. After all, it is obvious that the landing pages used for search advertising, where a person knows what he is looking for, will differ from the pages we use for Facebook advertising, where an audience gathers with completely different and often unstated clearly needs.

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Even customizing the same creative banner for different sizes is not always the right decision. The difficulty is not only to produce new concepts on a regular basis on a regular basis but also to ensure that all activities complement each other, serving a common goal.

6. Daily and Daily Analytics

Collect statistics, analyze and be aware of all indicators at all stages of the sales funnel. To look only at the results that you have achieved in a month or a week is sometimes meaningless. You need to know what’s happening with traffic right now.

We constantly monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on TV, depending on the time of the release of commercials. At any moment I can approach the employee from marketing and ask how many new users registered yesterday at wix.com or what is the ratio between annual and monthly upgrades.

This is the only way to constantly optimize campaigns, redistributing budgets depending on which channel is currently performing better.

Accepting the rules of the game of cross-channel marketing, you must be prepared for the fact that not every way of conveying a message, not every media will lead to a good result. The task is not to try everything for a tick, but to form a balanced marketing strategy for maximum profitability of investments in a promotion.

7. Global thinking

At the launch stage, we already understood that the local, Israeli market would not be enough for us even to start. When creating a product and shaping a development strategy, we were initially aimed at an international audience.

In Wix, we started with English-speaking users. This allowed then, without any problems, to localize the platform as it expands – it is now translated into 11 languages. You need to go out of your local comfort zone and think in the long term. Especially if you are targeting an online audience.

8. Team

As in sports, if you want to get into a professional league, you need the best players. Provide them with excellent conditions, show how much you appreciate them.

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Create an atmosphere in which they can maximize their potential. You need a solid team in which everyone will sincerely share a common desire to win.

When we made the decision to launch advertising for the Super Bowl for the first time, we knew that we would fight for the attention of viewers with heavy artillery – the world’s leading brands. The whole marketing team was involved in the process. A multi-level campaign was developed in which all possible channels were used to maximize audience involvement and familiarity with the brand.

In addition to television advertising, we used social platforms specifically created for the project websites, search advertising, YouTube, email marketing, SEO and display. Everything to bring our brand message. A special feature of the work process was the need for the instant real-time response of all departments involved. And I think that without having such a professional team played, we probably could not have achieved such a return and amazing results.

9. Flexibility is the key to success.

We live in reality with constantly changing introductory, in which new marketing opportunities and channels regularly appear. What was the perfect solution yesterday, today may have exhausted the potential? Developing long-term detailed plans in such a situation becomes a dubious task.

That is why I think that the best strategy for development is constant monitoring of the market, research, testing of new opportunities and analysis of the effectiveness of marketing channels. Actually, what we are constantly doing. There are no axioms and indisputable truths. Marketing mix varies depending on the results.

10. Avoiding mistakes is more expensive than making them.

This has become a kind of law in our marketing. We even made T-shirts with this slogan. You must always leave room for experimentation and allocate budgets for it – this should be part of your everyday routine.

Do not be afraid to try something new and be prepared for the idea that it may not work. Even if your rich experience and professionalism say that everything should work out, never rely on theoretical conclusions. Perform multivariate testing and analyze the results. Sometimes they can be surprisingly unpredictable.

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