8 Ways to increase the frequency of website to appear on Google 1st Page

Eight ways to increase the frequency of your website appear on page 1 of Google

Have you ever thought of the whole (or most) results on page 1 of Google when searching for a certain keyword that is your website information? Would not that be great? Will not say much about the effect of this. Then you control the brand, your image, significantly reduce the competition of the opponent.

Eight ways to increase the frequency of your website appear on page 1 of Google


For the sake of clarity, you can look at the SEOMOZ branding example, which accounts for 11 of 13 search results on page 1.

The appearance of a website on the search site called Domain Crowding, there is no rule for this phenomenon, mainly objective conditions and the index of the website will decide. The review figures indicate that Google is trying to reduce this phenomenon. The seo tools centre is only for introducing the phenomenon so that SEOers can refer to their SEO deployment plan.

Here are eight ways that your website can get search results in addition to the common display results

1. Photo (image)

While not commonly seen, image results often appear in the top (or middle) of search results. The advantage of this result is that they are more intuitive and attractive than text, which will increase the user’s click rate on search results. And one thing is for sure, when the user clicks on the image, your website gets 1 more visit.


Image search results are especially important with websites that sell products, introduce products, travel services, restaurants, eating, caring, beauty … These are the sectors that users want to get. visual a product – a picture with a thousand words description.


In addition, the advantage of SEO is that seoers, webmasters still do not attach importance to this, even ignore, so that the level of competition of SEO image is still not high.

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2. Location


Along with the development of Google Map, Google Place, Google also wants to include location-based information in search results. This is great for you doing SEO for searches associated with the location. As the search results on the image, the location information of the search results will make it more prominent than the rest of the results; this will increase the click through rate for your website.


3. Video

It does not appear frequently on the search page (except YouTube’s results), but when it does, video results are also prominently displayed, capturing the attention of the user.


4. News

It is a form of search results for news sites, blogs that are reputable and popular. Google has a list of detailed instructions and criteria for your articles to appear as search engine news (Google News). If you meet those criteria, the likelihood of prominently appearing on the search page of your article is very high. Mostly the news are the same as the other website have, some of the companies/websites use the paraphrase tool online free to avoid the plagiarism issue in news. And the reward for you is the amount of website traffic will definitely increase


5. Sitelinks

There are many articles introducing the site link, I will not say more about site link anymore. You will see when the site has a sitelinks, you will open a new door directly from the Google search page on the site on their own. Site link appears primarily when you optimize your on page website well (most optimized navigation on the home page) and create enough backlinks to a certain amount.


Google recommends that you use the internal link on your homepage with concise, concise and anchor text anchors. You can also remove unwanted link sites in the Google webmaster tool.

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There are two types of site links as shown below (eg for Vgame website).


6. Shopping

Merchandise displays are usually reserved for AdWords only.


7. 3rd party site

This is the most common case. In the first image, SEOMOZ search results, you will see many results from third-party websites. This is the result of sites with high Pagerank value, Domain Authority (DA), PA (Page Authority ) high. There are many sites like this, especially social networking sites. You should start with the pages most familiar to your users. Some of these pages are:

  1. Facebook / G + / Youtube / Twitter / Wiki


  1. Blogger, WordPress,


  1. Web 2.0 social networking site


 8. Add a new domain name

This is still the method most SEOers dispute. We should stand at the user level, if the need to separate the new domain must first be the user experience decisive, then the new SEO factor. Here are some cases that can split up to create new domain names:

  1. Create a separate domain for each new product separately


  1. Create your own country-specific domain (google.com, google.com, google.co.uk)


  1. Create a separate domain for each line of a product.

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