Which Seo Rules Should A Marketer Apply?

SEO rules should a marketer apply

The importance of the internet in the lives of people is undoubtedly huge. People tend to rely on social media and the internet today even for their basic needs and requirements. Owing to this huge change which has a direct impact on the lives of the commoners, the market also needs to divert its attention towards the internet to attain its target audience.

Hence marketers are concentrating more on the internet and the importance of SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the easiest method of obtaining the genuine interest of the audience with minimal cost. Hence online marketing plays an important role in this field. But for SEO in India there exist some rules which when followed satisfies the marketers. Here are a few of those rules to be followed:-

Don’t Overuse the Keywords

It is a normal opinion and thought, that more the number of keywords you use the more attention you can grab of the audience. But well it is more of an old and ineffective way of thinking.

The importance of keywords in the field of the internet cannot be questioned upon but when it is used more than necessary it turns out to be a complete waste. The mechanism in which Google tests the relevancy of your site depends on how long the audience remains engaged to your content.

In this regard though keywords play the most important role but constantly reusing the keywords may turn your content to a complete mess, resulting in lesser engagement. Hence SEO in India should remember to imply to this rule.

Stand Apart from the Crowd

You already know what importance does the keyword hold in the sphere of attaining audiences. But keywords are a part of a bigger family in that regard, which is content. There goes a saying like “content is king” and when thinking of online marketing, content is actually the king. The better your content the more chance of getting better at it.

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People spending their time on your site will tend to look out for something they haven’t encountered before. Not necessarily do you have to think of finding new stuff but the way you put it also plays an amazing role in creating content. You may use the same old hacks and stuff but presentation sums it up. The better the presentation in the most unique way the more the chances of attainment of audiences.

Updates are Important

Alike in the real world, the virtual world also demands to be as updated as possible. The SEO in India emphasizes the importance of keeping your site as updated as possible. A site that hasn’t been updated in a while contains content that is old and practically has no relevance to that of the current world.

Everything around us changes pretty often, and at times it gets tough to keep up to those changes. But if you can’t keep up to it and falls short of updating, then that itself is a major drawback pulling down your pre accumulated hard work. The more updated is your content the better it is. Hence the importance of updating your site and the contents in regards to them is likely to catch more attention in the public eye and maintain your goodwill.

Need for Speed

Speed is probably loved by all. Varying from a huge range of age groups. It just differs in specific places. As for the importance of speed for your website, it’s mandatory. While searching something on Google you will notice that the search results are presented to you along with the time taken for Google to search.

If Google doesn’t respond almost immediately and takes up more time to flash it results then Google wouldn’t have been what it is today. The speed it offers makes the most loved search engine. Similarly, if your website doesn’t show results as quickly as possible the audience engagements would lower automatically. Hence speed is an amazingly important factor while thinking of online marketing.

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Frequency, Literally

While thinking of boosting your website in order to attain more and more audience base, the frequency is important. That is understanding the gap between the days that you need to put before introducing another piece of content on the web. If there’s a huge gap of time in between your contents then the users or audiences who previously had found interest in your work might lose on, as for the frequency of updates and new content might be taking a lot of time than necessary. To perform SEO in India you need to make sure you are frequent enough.

Good External Links

An external link is an important feature that enhances your site. Providing a link that is useful and impactful enough is an important thing to be kept in mind while selecting your external link. It should be such a link that does its job. Any random external link can be deadly to your site if you don’t understand it well. Hence it is an important factor to be kept in mind.

With proper usage of SEO, your website can win the first page of Google results at ease.

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