DLL Error

What is a DLL File? 7 Ways to Prevent DLL Errors


Have you ever stuck to run an application for a missing dll file? Yes, I guess if you have a quite good experience of using a lot of executive applications in your computer you have faced this problem. The most of the cases happen with gaming. I have faced this problem many times. After installing a new game, most of the cases when I try to run the game it says that a file with the extension of dll is missing from my computer.

So what is a dll file? Dll file is the acronym of Dynamic Link Library which gives a turbo boost to an executive file to do multi-tasking. This types of files contains the instructions for a program to do specific things. So multiple programs can share their abilities in a single file. Without dll files, the connection between two or programs in a same executive file is impossible to create. This is why dll files are very important for a executive file to run.

If your computer doesn’t have specific dll files for a program to run it will show dll error when you try to run an application. To prevent dll errors you can try these solutions.

  1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable of the latest version. Download both x64 and x86 files and install them. It is the best option to prevent dll errors.
  2. Go to DLL Filebase and search for the file that is missing from your computer. Download that file from this website. After downloading the dll file follow the procedure: At first copy the downloaded dll file. Then go to C drive and find the “Windows” folder. After entering to Windows folder find the “SysWOW64” folder and paste the dll file in that folder.
  3. Try to avoid risky third-party software. Because most of the software comes with lot of adware which can create this problem. Microsoft office, Skype, Adobe Reader etc. are the safest software.
  4. Try to use few programs at the same time. Some of the dll files are same for both of the both programs you are using. This will occur to the dll error message. For example: you need to close a photo editor at first to open another photo editor software. Because sometimes they share same dll registry files to execute a same function.
  5. Use task manager to execute programs. Many programs run in the background and it will occur dll error problem. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete at once to start task manager. Check if there is any program running in the background
  6. Uninstall the affected program and then reinstall it. It may be helpful to overcome dll missing error. It happens because sometimes the program wasn’t not installed correctly.
  7. Scan your pc for viruses. Sometimes virus affects the dll files and that’s why it would be missing from your computer.

These are some ways to prevent dll errors from your computer. I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you.