7 Things Professional Job Seekers Look For in a Company

While there is much focus on the qualities that employers look for in employees, nothing much is really stated concerning what job seekers want from an employer. But I think hearing from them is just as important as the other way around. They say when you’re professional, companies will be the ones to hunt you down. It’s like a bidding game and the company to deliver the best offer wins a professional job seeker’s heart. In that sense, top talents became more and more open with their demands.

Along with the changes in how employers choose the potential candidates for job vacancies are also changes in how applicants set their calls. There are candidates who can even exceed certain employable skills that any company is looking for and with that, they only deserve what’s best for them. In this article, you will figure out how applicants find a job and what makes the company worth choosing.  

Job Details

The first thing that any applicant considers is the job itself. Do they fit the job? Do they have the skills to perform the job well? Or is it really the job they wanted? Professionals do not only consider the best or the highest paying job but also the one that will make them happy and satisfied in the long run. Although I doubt the satisfied part. Because most professionals may look forward to greater opportunities so they would practically land a job that can take them to higher positions in the future.  


Company Overview

A sense of belongingness to a company with good values and statement of vision is something that interests the applicants. As much as possible, they want to grow and be part of a reputable workplace, a company that can go somewhere and has potential goals. Aside from their personal and professional growth, applicants are also in favor of the company’s development.  


Salary Range

It is no surprise that the range of salary leads the list of common reasons why people find a new job. So when the range is acceptable, they tend to stay and move forward with the company. From an employer’s perspective, the super qualified applicant can expect a job offer with a higher salary range compared to those with minimum qualifications for the job. Hence, the competition between fresh and professional job seekers is extremely high.  


Benefits and Compensation

Along with salary range, the benefits and compensation are also major things to look at. Job seekers are expecting to work with organizations that can offer not just money but a list of perks as well. Hence, it’s not only the applicants that are competing for the position but companies are also battling to provide the best job offer. So most of them may offer beneficial perks like paid leaves for vacation and maternity, monthly food allowance, life insurance, retirement pay, profit sharing, and more.


Hiring Process

Applicants don’t want a long hiring process. And so it happens most when the first opportunity that knocks becomes the ultimate choice. As much as possible, candidates hope for fast recruitment that does not exceed the usual 2-3 months process that includes three sets of interviews.   


Work-Life Balance

If people do great at work, they should keep the greatness even outside the workplace. It’s pretty exhausting when employers overload their employees with tons of responsibilities. Employers should understand that these individuals have other significant roles and relationships outside the office. So when it comes to finding the right job, most applicants would like to consider an organization that will give them the opportunity to balance their life and work.  


Career Growth/New Opportunities

In a study where researchers surveyed roughly 14,000 professionals from around the world, 90% of them are open to overlook greater opportunities in the future. This only proves that there’s an enormous market of passive professionals to look for a better job. With potential career growth, the employees are motivated to work hard as they set their long-term goals with the company.   


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