8 Tips on How to Save Electric Bills This Coming Holidays

Christmas involves bright lights, colorful decorations, and a whole lot of gift-giving. You’ll most likely be spending a lot of money during this time of the year with all of the Christmas gift shopping, people tend to forget to include their monthly electric bills in their holiday budget. Indeed, you can lose money if you do not take proper actions to ensure energy efficient while on the holidays.

Luckily, there are electrical companies in the Philippines shows different ways to save money while you’re spending the holidays on vacation or just by staying at home. Here are some of the tips in saving energy for the holidays in your lovely home.


Create an Energy Checklist

One of the first things you should do is try and help reduce energy costs is by creating an energy list. The checklist should cover every element of your home’s energy usage. Some of the important parts when creating your energy checklist should include heating, lighting, equipment, and gas and electricity. It’s better to create an energy checklist ahead of the holiday season. Make sure to check every room in your house and add everything, so it will not affect your energy consumption.


Stock your Refrigerator

Having a fully stocked fridge can actually help reduce energy costs by keeping the unit colder. Be sure to pack the items tightly in the fridge or freezer before adjusting the internal thermostat in higher settings so that the items can keep each other cold. Sometimes it doesn’t have to food, you use water containers or ice trays. For families who will be away for a much longer time, consider emptying your refrigerator completely and unplugging it.

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Choose more energy efficient lights

When buying Christmas lights, choose LED. LED Christmas lights use much less electricity than regular Christmas lights. Consequently, lighting a tree in the home or office for 12 hours a day in the holiday season would cost cheaper compared to lighting up a Christmas tree using conventional incandescent lights. You can opt to use optic fiber trees and decorations for the ultimate energy efficiency. Fiber optic technology uses one lamp source to light multiple light points, making it super economical and energy efficient choice.


Lower your thermostat

Whether you’re leaving or home or staying at home, be sure to lower your thermostat to save money. If you have a manual unit, adjust your thermostat a few degrees cooler will have a significant impact. It’s also advisable to set the fan to “auto” instead of “on” setting will help reduce energy consumption. If today’s weather forecast is mild, consider turning the system off completely.


Use rechargeable batteries

Disposable batteries cost less yet don’t last for long. Investing in rechargeable batteries prove more cost-effective than conventional batteries and it will help you not rely on electricity too much. By using rechargeable batteries, you are also reducing household waste.


Unplug electronics and switch off lights when not in use

This is the most common way to save energy. Make sure fans and lights are turned off. For security lights, consider using a timer. Appliances whether unplugged or leaving in standby mode can still consume energy. Wait until it gets dark to turn on your Christmas lights and then, turn them off before going to bed. Not only you get to save electricity but also you get to keep the house safe from unexpected situations like unexpected power outages or even fires from electrical issues.


Make use of the sunlight

Working with the sun to make maximum use of warmth is a year-round proposition that can take on additional importance to colder months in general and as a way to save energy during the holidays in particular. Keep curtains and drapes open during the day to allow the sun’s light to naturally warm your house. As the sun begins to set, close them to keep the warmth in and the cold air out.

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Use Power Strips to Power Holiday Decorations

Holiday lights and neon decorations bring some festive cheer into a business space, however, these energy-sapping items can also bring a huge increase to your electric bill. Even when the electronics and lights aren’t out, they draw energy, therefore, costing you money. You can help to reduce this expense by plugging holiday decorations into a power strip and turning it off when not in use.


Key Takeaway

Christmas season is considered the brightest and colorful time of the year. However, we should always be careful with our energy consumption all throughout the holidays. Luckily, with the help of electrical companies in the Philippines, there are ways we can enjoy the festivities while saving money at the same time. With these simple tips, we can all enjoy worry-free and memorable holidays, and who knows even a small electric bill to end the year with a bang!

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