Tips in Choosing the Right Team Building Location

Team building in the Philippines can be the most enjoyable event in an employee’s life. It is a chance to catch up with your colleagues and boss so everyone can work harmoniously back at the office. Team building can help any team in an office give life and motivation. It will keep employees together therefore build more trust and improve communication.

If you were assigned to choose the right location for this event, then here are a few tips that can help you in your search for it.

Have concrete goals

In order to ensure that your team building is will be a success, there should be a list of goals that needs to be accomplished from the activities. What is the central theme of the team building? What are employees going to learn from it? This can help you choose a location because you can use these goals as the foundation in choosing the place.

Although it is can be the perfect excuse to take a breather and just indulge in some recreational activities, team building is all about forming values for an organization. Sending employees to these kinds of retreat will help them understand themselves as well as their colleagues as well. With this, you can center your goals around improvement of communication and boost of morale in order to address the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

Choose between indoor or outdoor

A suitable location will cater to the activities you have in line for everyone. If you are planning on having outdoor group activities, then you should research about the weather as well as how your chosen location can accommodate you.

For indoor venues, have a precise headcount of the participants because you will never know if it would be too big of a venue or too small. Indoor venues would require an open space. Usually you’ll see it in event places. There should be enough room for people to do physical activities.

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For outdoor venues, make sure to be ready for any kind of weather. Team building activities is always best for sunny days but you should have a back up plan when the rain comes. Have a huge tent or get your team ready to be wet and muddy.

Just know that you have to pick one over the other so you can properly talk to the staff of the venue to see how they can help you for your team building activities.

The location should hold an invaluable quality

The location should not just be a place but it should also have an impact on your employees. Having team building goals can help you establish a criterion for the location that you would want for this event. Choosing a location outside of the city is a viable example of this. Just know that whatever location you choose, there should be a clear establishment that the event is for promoting practices that encourage team morale, improved communication, smart conflict resolution, and a successful camaraderie as a team.

Have an estimated duration in mind

How long are your activities going to last for? Are you sure that everyone will be available during those times? Is the venue going to accommodate your schedule? Is there a need to travel? These are the questions that can keep you in check when you are choosing a location for team building activities.

All of these can be answered by a simple estimate of the duration of the event. By knowing the time measurement of the activities, you can adjust tasks according to it. Have a clear idea of how long you are going to do each activity for because not only would this be a great time-saver, it will also save you from further expenses. Its usually more expensive when you reserve a location for 2 days then ask for extensions.

Be mindful of your budget

Speaking of expenses, sticking to a budget will help manage these costs easily. Form a committee for the event and tell them the projected budget you have in mind. Once everything is all planned out, stick to a budget, do not go overboard but do not skimp on it either. This is where the inspiration to brainstorm will come in because not everything that you plan can agree with the budget.

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Aside from the location, you should also be mindful of other stuff you may need to set up team building activities. You should also think about food. Some locations allow you to cook your own or camp but for some, especially indoor locations, you might need to bring food of your own. Establish a budget and do your best to stick to it, simple as that.

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, a team building signifies better harmony with the team no matter what organization you may come from. Location plays a key role in ensuring that this event will be a success so you have to keep the tips in mind when you are doing so. At the end of the day, it is important that you have fun and do not lose the essence of having a team building with the rest of the organization!

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