Top Mobile Game Development Trends 2019

It’s still a fresh new year ahead of us, and so here we are trying to assess the trending movers and shakers in the mobile game world of this year. 2018 has already made some trends prominent if not sweeping over the entire game industry. Well, this year too, we can expect an extended play of those trends. Hyper-casual gaming will be, and AR and VR based innovations will continue. But there can be serious shifts of approach in respect to monetisation and game commerce.

Considering all these, we picked here a few of the mobile gaming trends that will shape most game apps in 2019 and beyond.

Mobile Games Offering a Console-like Gaming Experience

If mobile game addicts have always expressed grief about comparatively low-quality graphics compared to game consoles, for them 2019 can really bring some great news. Mobile games in 2019 can deliver a console-like gaming experience and interface. Mobile game developers in India boasts about will be now in the league to catch up with this trend. Already some major game titles like the Fortnite, Epic Games and Battleground Mobile proved it. All these games just within days of launch made millions of revenues thanks to their graphics and console-like gaming experience.

This mobile game development trend seems to be very credible as mobile device capacities are continuously getting better and enriched. Especially with high definition visual capability, storage, networking and random memory, smartphones are increasingly catching up with the gaming consoles to deliver sophisticated game playing experience.

Moving beyond in-app purchases

In 2019, we can see several seismic levels of changes in respect of mobile game commerce and monetisation. Throughout 2018 we have seen mobile game apps to experience tremendous competition in respect to staying afloat with continuous growth and user acquisition. A handful of mobile games are still receiving the mammoth share of the mobile game revenue and market. In 2019, some new monetisation approaches can stir inside this stagnancy of market share.

Both pricing and revenue models in 2019 can experience an array of changes. Already free games made game players habituated to pay nothing to experience gameplay. Naturally, the free to play game model is all set to remain as the dominant one throughout 2019 and beyond. But there will be new changes within this model. Game developers India and few other low-budget countries boast off will bring new methods of monetising games other than already stifling in-app purchase. Besides so-called balanced in-app ads to push for in-game purchases, mobile game development companies will turn more towards rewarded video ads to engage the audience and drive traction.

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So, while ad-based monetisation will continue to remain as strong as ever before, rewarded video ads will push for more consumption of in-game contents. We can see a number of alternative payment methods for in-game purchases including paying through other connected apps or bonus points earned on another app.

Subscription-based revenue models that remained popular with streaming media channels like Hulu, Netflix, etc. can make an invigorated entry into the mobile gaming scene. Such a subscription model will open up the game market for regular acquisition and game engagement as players will enjoy no bar on the game playing after paying for the subscription plan covering his favourite niche of games. This subscription-based game revenue and monetisation model can well be the next big thing in the mobile game market. We can see an emergence of new Netflix or a new Spotify for the mobile game titles.

Coupling up in-app commerce of other mobile apps with mobile games can as well be another way to generate revenue. Ludia’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a game that by inspiring players with the pizza-eating reptiles actually delivers real-life rewards like pizza coupon. This cross-channel collaboration and typing up for merchandise as gifts or rewards can be another mover and shaker for mobile game monetisation.

Hyper-casual games will mature

All through 2018, we have seen the phenomenal popularity of hyper-casual mobile games. This year too it will enjoy great popularity and prominence. But we can expect hyper-casual games to be more mature than ever before. Their low-cost approach that helps quick evaluation of the gaming audience and growth proposition will continue to make them popular for game publishers at large.

Around mid-2018, the hyper-casual mobile game market experienced a sharp decline in growth and signalled market saturation. But since then, this tremendously popular game niche has turned towards more advanced and solid game mechanics. Even the hyper-casual doesn’t remain so casual now, but in the overall measure, they have been successful in keeping the game development cost and lifecycle lower. In 2019 we can see these games to appear in more fashionable game mechanics and game interface.

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AR Gaming Innovation

The inspiration created by the phenomenal success of Pokemon Go for AR gaming enthusiasts is still not entirely lost. Now, multiplayer AR games keep coming along with the integration of social gaming features. In 2019, we can expect the mobile game market to push for more innovative AR games.

In 2018, there have been quite a few AR game releases including The Walking Dead, Jurassic World Alive and Ghostbusters World. But none of them really could deliver something crazily addictive like that of Pokémon Go. But with the big game studios and developers are taking AR games seriously than ever before, more innovative AR gaming experience can land on our screen any time soon. The similarity of most AR games already looks like a stagnant block, and in 2019, we can expect to see some innovations to move and stir this.


With a large adult gaming population and almost all major tech brands playing an active role in accommodating innovations in game apps, mobile games are the most serious business now. Naturally, all efforts of innovation are already pointed towards mobile gaming. In 2019, we can expect quite a few of these innovations to pump fresh energy into the mobile game market.

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