How to Get Instant Power with Yamaha Portable Generators?

With over 5 decades , Yamaha is providing excellence in designing, testing and manufacturing portable generators and are all set to create the new records. They have promised to provide the highest quality of engines supply that are not only technologically advanced but also match with the standards.

Looking for Yamaha portable generators? there is a wide range of reliable Yamaha inverter generators that you can buy online or through our large distribution channel. There surely will be a Yamaha generator dealer near you.

Rejuvenate your Power Needs with Yamaha Portable Generators:

Here we have a 4 stroke fuel powered line of inverter generators; adding a new spike to your inverter generator experience. They provide clean, smooth and high quality electricity and comes in a lightweight package, safe and easy to operate whether you are out in camping, fishing. You can trust Yamaha portable generators every time you are having a power outage.

Inspiring Features of Yamaha Portable Generators:

  •   The Environmental protection agency has given the highest ratings to Yamaha generators for giving the longest durability of engines.
  •  They weigh approximately 27 pounds, making it extremely portable for your every use.
  •  With every Yamaha generator acoustically engineered “Noise block”- sound reduction system is installed providing you a quietest generator experience.
  •  Highly fuel efficient; it comes with a smart throttle that controls great fuel and power. It automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the power load. With every full tank gas they can run up to 12 hours on ¼ of the load.
  •  To ensure smooth power supply during cold weather an auto warms up feature increases engine speed within 4-6 minutes of the start.
  •  Low oil warning system keeps you updated to prevent engine damage.
  • . It comes with a 3 year factory warranty; covers the entire defects of the generator under commercial, industrial and rental use.
  •  It has a easy control system and a fuel gauge to be checked at a glance. With two 120v AC, one DC outlet and 12v for charging batteries providing enough source for your power outages.
  •  Still need some extra power, Yamaha portable generators has a convenient function that connects two generators of 30 amps.
  •  The new Yamaha generators have an amazing controller with advanced programming that not only results in improved power, but also has ability to power a wider range of applications than any other portable generator.
  •  Yamaha portable generators silently operate, providing power to a greater number of appliances for a longer period of time, while remaining portable and retro cool. Weighing less than 45 pounds, it is as lightweight as you think, highly compact which makes it easy to carry and store .

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