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How to Remove Termites | Get Rid of Termites Using Natural Home Remedies

You won’t even notice and they would do their job right under your nose. What are we talking about? It’s nothing but the cunning white ants or what you generally them as “termites”. No sooner than you find damaged books, half-eaten furniture and holes in your wooden closet, you realise termites have invaded your house. The colony of white ants attack wooden furniture, books, etc and could even shake your home foundations. The extent of harm they can cause is beyond one’s imagination. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the uncontrollable damage they can cause as we have brought together some highly effective home remedies for termite killing.

Reason behind termite infestation

We all know how termites can cause mayhem in a property. Before trying out any of our natural remedies, it is important to know what causes termite infestation. This information will enable to take proper actions against the pests. Here are some factors responsible for termite invasion in your property:

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Humidity and warn weather
  • Scrap wood usage in construction
  • Mulch pile-up
  • Damp wood and walls within the premises
  • Cracks in between stairs

Symptoms that prove the presence of termites

In order to get rid of termites, you first need to spot their locations. How would you know there are termites infesting your belongings? Look out for these signs to find the answer:

  • Hollow sounds from wood
  • Wings lying around when you wake up
  • Trails of mud on outer walls
  • Paint cracks on wooden surfaces

If you see any of these signs in and around your home, call for termite control services in Central Coast in your area.

Home remedies to get away with termites

Before professional help arrives, you can try various natural solutions to kill the colony of white ants. Here’s proven assistance for the same!

  1. Orange Oil

It is one of the most affordable methods of killing termites. Orange oil is extracted from peels of an orange. It acts as an efficient biological pest control remedy. Just make a solution of few drops of orange oil and water. Spray the mixture around the termites infested areas.

  1. Electrocution

To use a remedy as a permanent solution, electrocution will suit you best. You can get various products to electrocute the ant colony. To elaborate, the passage of high voltage electric current to the infested area kills all the termites at a single attempt. However, make sure you take necessary precautions while performing the act. Wear safety gloves to stay protected from accidents and electric shocks.

  1. Destroy wooden mulch

Remember, termites feed on wooden mulch and eventually spread to a vast area if not spotted in time. They will reach your furniture in o time and you will be left with hollow wooden pieces by the time you find the source. Throw away the wooden mulch from your home boundary if you are suspecting termite infestation or already have suffered from an attack recently. Destroying the mulch will kill termites feeding on them.           

  1. Try the hold and cold technique

Termites survive n moderately warm temperature and stay away from places with extremely hot or cold temperatures. Keeping the damaged wood under sun will result in termite flee in no time. Another way to get away with termites is washing the infested piece of wood with ice cold water.   

  1. Use boric acid

Are you looking for an immediate solution for termite infestation? If so, use boric acid to terminate the harmful pests completely. Boric acid affects the nervous system of termites directly, ultimately destroying them totally. Simply sprinkle some boric acid in the affected area and see the termites die instantly.

  1. Install cardboard traps

Termites always fall for cellulose and there is a high content of cellulose in cardboards and paper. What you can do is set up cardboard traps to attract termites and as they gather in the trap spray an insecticide to kill the whole colony. Once all the termites are killed, dispose the box far away from your house premises so no trace of the pest is left behind.    

  1. Remove broken branches and stumps

Termites treat broken branches, stumps, dead leaves as their ideal breeding grounds. It would have been tolerable if they would have restricted themselves to the garden, but they never fail to move towards your home and this is when the infestation starts. To ignore the entry of white ants into your house, clean the garden regularly by removing the dead leaves, tree stumps, and broken branches.

  1. Try using termite bombs

Termite bombs or as otherwise referred as pesticide fogger can kill termite in a large area in the first attempt. All you need to do is bomb the affected area with these foggers. It is one of the time saving and practical method to kill termites.

  1. Use nematodes

Nematodes are parasites feeding on pests for living. It is a complete natural way of killing termites and controlling their population. Leave a group of nematodes in the area of termite infestation and see them doing the job for you. These parasites feed on termite larvae managing the termite population dramatically.

  1. Use essential oils

Essential oils are not only helpful for human uses but also works greatly to kill pests like termites. Clove oil does a great job for eradicating termites. Sprinkle a little clove oil and water in the infested area and see the results. You can also use another organic remedy – vetiver oil to prevent infestation of white ants for a longer time.

  1. Use petroleum jelly

Apart from essential oils, petroleum jelly also works on termites. It is another home remedy to kill termites. Coat your furniture with petroleum jelly to protect them from termite infestation. When you have applied jelly leave the piece under sun. You will see termites laving the furniture instantly.

  1. Granulated salt

It is among the easiest ways of getting away with termites. Spread granulated salt all around the infested area. Salt not just helps killing termites but keeps more white ants from entering the treated area as well.

So, the next time anyone asks you how to remove termites, tell them these easy home remedies in answer. Once you use any of these effective natural ways of termite eradication, you will see the expected results.

How to Remove Termites | Get Rid of Termites Using Natural Home Remedies
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How to Remove Termites | Get Rid of Termites Using Natural Home Remedies
Termites are harmful pests destroying the foundation of your house gradually. You should use efficient home remedies for termite killing or call for termite control services for professional help.
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