how to become a certified personal trainer

How to be a Certified Personal Trainer: Make Your Passion into Your Profession


If you are passionate about sports and physical exercise, gym working as a personal trainer is an option to consider. This profession, more and more booming, gives you the possibility to work for a company like working as a self-employed person.
It is not an easy job, a training session takes many hours of work behind (design of routines, adaptation of the exercises to the client, etc), and so having a good training in this area is essential to do your job in a professional manner.

What is a personal trainer?

Personal Trainers are called to those who have the technical knowledge, practical exercise skills and motivational personality to help their clients accomplish their fitness goals. With the growth in sedentary lifestyles, obesity and early onset diabetes together with many more health complaints clients are recognizing the need to take action, get active and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A few decades or even a few years ago, was it thought to resort to a personal trainer at home? Not that much. Although fitness and the subject of getting in shape have existed for a long time, it was always done alone: the athlete before the machine and its objectives. Only in the gyms could you get advice from a fitness trainer, and it did not even happen in all gyms. “Train to be a personal trainer” and you’ll be joining an exciting, financially lucrative industry which offers you the potential to shape your own future by running your own successful personal training business. Now that many people have grown tired of the “collective” and “muscular” environment of gyms, the profession of personal trainer has emerged with strength.

Physical trainer

Physical preparation is a separate sport discipline. It is often requested by athletes or teams that want to prepare for a sports season or competition. It is an intense training that lasts several weeks, in general, and requires a great knowledge of the human body and, above all, an increase in the ability of the latter to gain muscle, dynamism and strength. Needless to say that you cannot improvise and that it is better to have a degree to take charge of a constant training program, which, on the other hand, will suit you to exercise as a personal trainer.

To reproduce at home or abroad, with a sports and fitness professional, what can be found in a gym, without being bothered, obviously, by other athletes?
But when a personal trainer travels to a client’s house, not only is the physical aspect taken into account, but the sports teacher also becomes a behavior coach. Psychology has a very important role in personal training. The personal trainers not only the physical part must work with people suffering from obesity, overweight or even everyday stress through sport and relaxation, but should also motivate them . Therefore, motivational discourses are very important and the personal trainer must show their psychological gifts.

What is a sports animator?

It is dedicated to the teaching and revitalization of games and recreational physical activities, individual physical-sport activities, as a team, with implements and basic physical conditioning, and the organization, planning and management of small businesses of leisure activities and socio-educational.
It should be framed in a specific physical activity and taught to young people for pleasure or to compete and also to adults or seniors both in group and with private classes (hence the relationship with personal training at home). To train you, you must do the TAFAD (Superior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities), a two-year professional training module that takes place in higher education centers and for which a minimum of 2000 hours of training is required.

Should a personal trainer be required to be certified?

It is the big question that sports fans ask themselves and more so now that the profession of personal trainer has emerged at home or online, since there are many people who, after years and years practicing sports, have acquired much knowledge about the sport ( various sports activities such as bodybuilding, boxing, yoga, Pilates, cardio, cycling, abdominals, weight loss, etc.) and on the body (injuries, effective training for muscles, such as abs , gluts, shoulders, pectorals, legs, thighs, back, etc.) to the point of saying: “How can I become a personal trainer? I want to get it too ». What is better than to dedicate yourself professionally to something that you like? Before launching to talk about sports-related studies, is it mandatory to have a degree to practice as a personal trainer? Can you practice this profession without professional training related to sport?

For this, you have to have a solid professional training “Train to be a personal trainer”. It is necessary to have the title of Teaching to access teaching at schools or to be licensed in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences to access teaching at institutes and universities. There are also double degrees, of which the most demanded are the following:

• Double Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sports and Physiotherapy.
• Double Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports and Primary Education.

They are titles that are highly appreciated by personal training clients! To find a personal trainer Madrid near you, do not hesitate to use our platform.
When we become personal trainers, we care personally for our clients to maintain the form, for their state of health, for their ambitions and, consequently, we propose programs adapted to their level.
These applications so cheap, or even free, practically exert an unfair competition for some coaches. The price of a personal trainer’s time in these applications still cannot be compared with Uber, but that day could perfectly come, as the phenomenon is a success and continues to expand.