Importance of Hospital Wayfinding!

When a patient has to visit a hospital, the last thing they want to come across is a loss of direction. Usually, the people visiting the hospitals are under extreme anxiety. Therefore, hospitals must ensure that there is sufficient wayfinding signage so that they don’t suffer from frustration. This also ensures that there is no chaos in the hospital and that all the stuff stays focused on their work without any interruption.

Healthcare wayfinding is a serious dilemma for the patients and customers visiting a hospital for the first time. According to some studies, it is important that the hospitals use wayfinding signage every 30 feet inside the hospitals so that every customer or visitor knows where they are going without the hassles of asking the directions from others.

An effective hospital facility offering a wayfinding system empowers the visitors looking for their facility without any interruption. If you want to attract more patients and customers to your hospital, make sure you have a perfect hospital wayfinding at your hospital. So, what is an effective wayfinding signage exactly? A hospital wayfinding is successful when the system reveals layers of information at every step in the hospital for the visitor to arrive at their destination easily. The process of revealing information after every little distance is called progressive disclosure. This means that the visitor receives only enough information to arrive at the next decision-making point. Try to avoid the overflow of information, like most of the hospitals do. Remember, less is more effective. Only reveal the desired information at the right time.

When building a hospital wayfinding, there are three modes of travel, namely; exterior vehicular, exterior pedestrian and interior pedestrian. When these three systems are in synchronization, the hospital will work flawlessly, without any interruption.