How to induce abortion naturally at home?


Ever came across to the unwanted pregnancy? Do you want your abortion to be natural? How can it be done? Here are some of the points that will let you do abortion naturally with these home remedies.

The home remedies have always said to be effective. They are better than those pills at least. These remedies help in preventing all problems related to health. It is better to talk with your partner first before going for it. Maybe this changes your mind. Let’s get to know about the home remedies that can be consumed for a natural abortion.


The fruit is readily available anywhere and helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Many women chose this process, and this also helped them in termination. It does not contain any side effect and is very useful to consume.


This is also known as one of the best ingredients to induce abortion naturally. This remedy has activated a monthly period of many women so you can about trying it. Take it four times a day with a glass of hot water. Consume 6-15 falls of this remedy, and it will help you in preventing pregnancy.

3-Black Cohosh

This is the herb from which your uterus will get ready for the miscarriage. Rather than the black one, take red cohosh that is more effective. This remedy will not terminate the abortion entirely but will help in promoting. After consuming this, you may experience some side effects, but you don’t need to worry as they’ll go with time.

4-Shower in hot water

Taking hot shower regularly is the best and also the easiest way for natural abortion. Mix the herbs in the warm water and then go for the bath. It will help you in preventing the unwanted pregnancy.

5-Consume food with Vitamin C

Start taking a diet that is rich in Vitamin C as it has natural properties of contraceptive. It is also the best remedy to prevent abortion. Also, make sure to include citrus fruits along with Vitamin C in your diet. If you feel or you are sure that you are pregnant, then do try this ingredient.

6-Sesame seeds with honey and water

You can use the remedy in two methods. Take honey and water with sesame seeds. It is also one of the useful solutions to prevent pregnancy.

  • Soak some of the sesame seeds in water all night. Strain the seeds out and drink this water daily for at least one month. This method will help you in terminating the pregnancy.
  • Another way is to fry some of the sesame seeds and mix honey. Consume a lot of seeds to get the best results. 

7-Parsley Leaves

If you have missed your periods, then it will help you to get it back in regular form. It also helps in abortion in the first stage itself. This is the herb that loses the cervix leading to abortion. Make a fresh juice of these leaves with water and drink several times in a day. Alternatively, make a tea of dry leaves and drink it. Also, you can take the springs of leaves and just place it in the vagina for a night. Do this daily for best results.

8-Pineapple Juice

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C, and the chemicals and enzymes present in it lead to abortion. You won’t even get any side effect. Just make its fresh juice and drink it daily. Another method that can be used is to peel and cut the pineapple, take it in a cup or bowl. Eat the pineapple every day after cutting it.