All You Need to Know About Urology Surgery

What is urology surgery? It deals with urinary issues in both sexes along with the problems that arise as well. Surgeons are known to operate on the genitals, bladder or the kidneys. At a certain degree full reconstruction of the reproductive system could be termed as an option. If you consider urology surgery it works out to be series of non-evasive procedures which deals with delicate structures. Nearly one out of seven people are confronted with urinary issues. If you visit the best urologist in India you can face all the problems with ease.

In short it could be termed as a surgical speciality that deals with the treatment of disorders of an excretory system. Prominent among them are the bladder along with penile organs.

When is the time that you would need to visit an urologist?

The most common case where you would need to visit an urologist is when you face difficulty in urination. There is a pain or a burning sensation at the time or urination. It is common for patients to notice blood on their toilet seat as well. There is also a tendency for frequent urination at night. In case of men they could also suspect that they have impotence issues. The situation is such that some patients may also experience a voluntary leakage of urine as well.

Apart from the routine physical exam during your first visit, the doctor would like to perform a series of tests. Blood along with urine tests are common. Possible X rays along with pelvic examination is also suggested. It is quite possible that the tests are not scheduled on the first day and you may be asked to come for a later day for the tests. An ideal example in this regard is cystoscopy that is rated to be an examination of the bladder and for sure this is not going to happen on the first visit. Once the diagnosis is complete it is suggested that you go on to discuss all treatment options with your urologist.

The preparation phase of the surgery?

When you are told that you would need to be part of a surgical process, it is not going to be pleasing to hear. There are important questions that you can ask your urologist to be aware about the procedure and to gain trust in their method of working as well. When you go on to visit them keep a list of questions handy with you. So how do you gain most out of your appointment, and hereby is list of questions pertaining to the same

  • Could the surgeon describe more about the surgery and how it is going to benefit the patient
  • Is there any need for the surgery to happen at the very moment or whether you could wait for it
  • Is there anything to be lost if I wait for the surgery to happen
  • How fast the process of recovery going to be as well
  • Is there any need about any second opinion