Investment Banking Jobs: Problems and Solutions


When you are pursuing a career about which people have less knowledge and which is in a far league than a common medical or engineering stream, it’s hard to make anyone understand what you are doing and it’s also difficult to get some sage career advice about it.

One such career role is related to investment banking jobs. We have listed the common questions and solutions which one has on the onset of investment banking roles.

Graduation from a second-tier college/university- Studying from Harvard and Cambridge is a different ball game altogether. But that doesn’t mean being from a second-tier university could stop you from being good at investment banking jobs. The first remedy to quickly solve the issue would be a good internship with a prestigious firm. A work experience to the level of impressive is also a good way to grab all the right eyeballs. Prioritize these on the top of highlighted achievements on your resume.

Another realm could be an exchange-program in a different country or online courses and certifications to add value to your personality. Showing them you got scholarships to study undergraduate courses will also reflect very well on your resume.      

Non-finance degree- The world of investment banking waits to hire people from different backgrounds. List out to recruiters your interest in financial subjects by way of courses in finance-related subjects such as mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Extracurricular activities like being a part of an investment society at college level or finance credentials can really speak for you. If not even these, try showing them projects you might have worked on earlier related to finance such as business evaluation and market assessment.

Not-so ideal grades- When inside an interview room, grades do matter to an extent but aren’t the ‘be all’ of the process. It’s always good to state a reason for less than optimum percentage or grades. But it must not sound like an excuse such as sickness or a family member’s death. Starting a start-up that failed eventually or running a family business or else founding a new institute for charity- could be good reasons. That will earn brownie points.

Extracurricular activities like volunteering, research, sports, corporate projects, and sky-diving rank higher for employers. But be alarmed- they don’t cover for your weaknesses.

No relevant experience- Start with small banks to gain experience to find yourself working for big investment banking roles. It need not be investment banks that you need to work with, private equity firms and hedge funds can be great alternatives. Roles in subjects like venture capital, accounting, consulting, and corporate development initiatives can be a good start too. If stipends aren’t available, work for free. It will at least build your experience that can eventually help with the next paid investment banking roles. There are specific areas of investment banks where you can easily get jobs such as emerging areas or markets. Accept those roles with élan.


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