Irish terriers: All You Need to Know about These Adorable Dogs

Is your bestie going through a “depression-phase”, after breaking up with her boyfriend? If yes, then it’s your duty to lighten up her mood and make her feel better. So, in that case, how about gifting her something special this Christmas; something like a fluffy puppy? Believe me, this is going to be the best gift she has ever received!

A little pup will not only give your bestie company whenever she feels depressed or lonely, but would also take care and protect her house from intruders (of course once he/she grows up). And most importantly, your best friend’s mind would be diverted; after all, she has to look after the munchkin 24*7! She has to feed him, give toilet training, etc. So, isn’t this a good idea? If your answer is yes, then waste no more time and immediately visit a pet adoption center to adopt a pup.

Wondering, which kind of dog should you gift her? Well, if you want me to give you a suggestion then I would say, gift her an Irish terrier. Why? Well, it’s because this pooch has a wide variety of qualities, when compared to the other terrier dogs. To know more about their qualities, read on.

Qualities of an Irish Terrier

Irish terriers are extremely energetic; they always romp and play with vigor and can keep your best friend engaged throughout the day. And the best part is that they can take as much exercise your friend offers.

  • Irish Terriers can be your bestie’s “ideal partner” when it comes to going for adventurous trips or hunting.
  • They are absolutely fearless. Hence, your best buddy can be rest assured that even if a burglar/intruder breaks into her home, the Irish terrier will face the criminals with extreme valor.
  • This particular breed of terrier dogs doesn’t shed too much of fur. Therefore, your friend doesn’t have to worry about those furry couches, clothes, carpets, etc.

So, these were some of the qualities that an Irish terrier possesses. And now, I’m going to share two important tips to train them, so that you can share it with your best bud. Take a look.

Important Tips to Train Irish Terrier Pups

  1. Don’t Force them to Push Their Limits: While training an Irish terrier, one thing that your friend needs to keep in mind is that she shouldn’t push the limit of the pooch. If she forces the dog, he/she might end up being more stubborn. And you never know, they might just stop following all her commands (out of anger or stubbornness).

Why just Irish Terrier? This tip must be kept in mind while training water dogs as well.

  1. Never Hit Him/her: Patience is the key to being a successful dog trainer. Hence, while your bestie is giving the pup training (behavioral or toilet training), ask her to be patient; and ask her not to hit or behave roughly with him/her, as this might affect the pup mentally and he/she might end up losing all the love and respect for your friend.

So, this was all you needed to know about Irish terrier and how to train them. To know more, keep following my blogs.


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