7 Steps To Prevent Crime Against Women

Despite being a developing nation, the overall lower status of women is still prevailing in India. This is further exacerbating the crimes against women. It is really a matter of concern for us that we are still witnessing the depriving condition of the women in the era when we talk about Equality. The violent acts done against women not only put them in a subordinate position in the society but also make them physical, sexual, psychological or economic sufferers.

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The humiliating acts of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, mob violence, honor killings, dowry violence, female genital mutilation, marriage by abduction and forced marriage not only impact the lives of women in the society but also leave a shameful scar on the entire country. We must empower ourselves to fight against these heinous acts. We must face it as an alarming situation for the country and take frantic efforts to tackle this situation.

So here, we will discuss 7 steps through which we can prevent crime against women and strengthen their position in the society and make them feel safe.

1. Nationwide Portal To Ensure Justice To All

Just like other developed countries, India should also establish a nationwide portal like 911 to respond to all emergency situations as soon as possible and it should also ensure the speedy delivery of justice to the victims. The current situation of law in the country is such that it takes several years to attend the case which puts the victim’s trust in a questionable state. The problem must be solved efficiently, expeditiously and in a specific time frame. Hiring the best criminal lawyers can ease the process of acquiring justice against the crime.

2. Effective Enforcement Of Laws Against Women

The govt needs to understand that mere creation of laws to protect women against violence will not work in a country like India. Necessary actions must be taken to ensure the right enforcement of these laws. Impanelled bodies of retired judges or other senior heads from the concerned departments can be made by the government. This will ensure the successful registration of maximum cases and will also extend immediate relief and justice to the sufferer.

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3. Strengthening The Status Of Women In The Society By Making Them Financially Independent

The govt needs to create enough opportunities for women to acquire skills training and vocational training which will strengthen their ability to earn and will make them financially independent. They will thus be able to raise their voice against the unjust practices done to them. Financially sound women can also hire the best criminal lawyers in case of domestic violence or other threats from the family or society.

4. Gender Sensitization

The sensitivities and the boundaries of a man-woman relationship should be taught to the society in their early ages of development itself. Thus, value education should be incorporated in the curriculum of schools and colleges to govern the code of conduct of the members of the society with each other.

5. Sustainable Control On The Content Shown By Media

Media is a mass communication method which impacts millions of mind today. Therefore, the content publicized on the media should be carefully chosen. The indecent portrayal of women along with the sexual content should be completely censored. The content which glorifies the strong image of the women should be promoted to evoke respect towards the victimized section of the society.

6. Updation And Amendments In The Legislations

Appropriate and timely updates should be incorporated into the legislative system of the country. Strict punishments should be given for the crimes done with women to give a message to the society that the law will not tolerate any violence perpetrated against women. Also, Interim relief should be provided to victims for their rehabilitation.

7. Creating Mass Awareness

A major section of our society is still uneducated and thus is not aware of their basic rights. If people can be educated on how to use technology like phones, emails and media in violent situations, they will learn to self-defense themselves against violent situations.

To bring a systematic and long lasting change in our society, we need to be self-aware and make others aware too of their basic rights. Any kind of discriminatory practices or violence against women is an illegal act and calls for a strict action against the wrongdoers. We at, Rudraksha lawyers, have the best criminal lawyers who are protecting the rights of women in both private and public domains. Feel free to contact us for any kind of legal advice and assistance.

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