Look At Christmas In a New Way This Year

As month to go for Christmas, Christian people start preparing for their most awaited festival. Christmas festival is the primary festival of Christian people and all across the globe on 25th of December every year people celebrate this festival on large scale with joy, faith, and enthusiasm. To wish their near and dear ones people send merry Christmas wishes SMS to them and also visit them.

On this day they celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus. People believed that on this day Jesus Christ was born to mother Mary and father Joseph.  His birth takes great joy in everyone’s life because they knew that he was not an ordinary child as Hundreds of year’s back an astrologer told of his coming.

Christmas festival is that time of the year when December month come and take joys of Christmas for everyone. We all do party hard for Christmas but do we really know what the real meaning of Christmas? People give presents to each other, mail greeting cards; have turkey dinner with family and friends, and shoot out to merry Christmas to those who pass us in streets. Is this really a Christmas festival is all about?

Many poor people don’t have enough money to buy new clothes for the festival, for those Christmas festival is the time for sorrow and to eat turkey in a dinner may be a wish for and not a reality for poor people. But still people believe that Christmas season brings great joy to them. They believe that on Christmas god showing his great love for everyone.

Do you ever think why he comes? In this cold and cruel world why god send him? In the bible, it’s written that we all have sinned and born in sin nature and was important to remove it. We do things which do not please God. Jesus Christ was born and spread the message of love, faith, and happiness and he died for our sins and on Christmas people ask for forgiveness to him. On this day people confess their sin to Jesus Christ.

Christmas festival is the day when people truly are happy, no matter what happens in their lives, they are rich or poor people celebrate the birth of Jesus with love.

So Look at Christmas in a new way this year, express your love to your loved ones. Tell your family that how important they are to you and believe that no matter what God is always with you.

Christmas day status

“Feelings are many but words are few Clouds are dark but sky is blue Love is a paper’ life is glue’ Everything is false’ only My Love is TRUE… Merry Christmas…!”

“Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful, May you have all the three for this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!!!!

” May this Christmas End the Present Year On a cheerful note and make way for a fresh And Bright New Year! Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


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