How modern Sunglasses are redefining the latest fashion trends

Gone are those days when a nerdy friend is called as ‘chasmish’ and made fun of. Rather, you will often find the non-nerdy friends borrowing the specs from the nerdy buddies to get the perfect selfie. With stylish frames and glasses hitting the market, there is a hype to look trendy with different kinds of eyewear. Different women and men’s sunglasses brands are pooling more international trends to keep the current fashion standards.

There came a huge evolution of glasses in the last few decades. Designers have not thought twice before experimenting with patterns and offbeat sizes. Early year fashion of wearing oversized eyewear ruled the fashion world.

Not only in the outer look of the specs there has been a great improvement in the quality of lenses and the advent of modern features making the lenses technically advanced promising a crystal-clear vision. It has thus taken the place of a fancy accessory that people love to splurgeon. The day-to-day essential is going fancier and completely in vogue. The glasses or sunglasses gels perfectly with your lifestyle and personality.

Power in eyes is no more a fashion hindrance

Power in eyes is not a problem of age anymore. With growing population and several other factors, people are getting power specs from an early age. But that does not take them behind in fashion. The risks of eye problemsare getting higher because of the harmful ultra-violet rays. Other than this there are blue rays emitting from various digital devices that adversely affect the eye. The solution here that opticians suggest is taking care of eyes and protective blu ray glasses.

The outgoing mass and specs

In recent times,women’s and men’s sunglasses brands have various elements that you can choose as per your lifestyle. The eyewear you accessorize will not only work for corrective vision but also serve various other factors. If you are driving on a heavy basis you might get an anti-glare coating on the lenses. This is very important even when you are driving at night. There are reports of many accidents due to the glare from opposite vehicles at night. This anti-glarewill thus be an add-on safety feature. Other than this, smudge resistant, anti-scratch coating, dust repellent and anti-fog coating are other helpful features for your lenses.

The weight

If you consider the glasses around 20 years back, you will remember the excess weight that you had to carry over your eyes. The specs always remained a constant reminder of your eye problem due to the weight you were to carry. With time, came the fiber lenses that were light in weight and became a comfortable alternative. In the recent times, the frames have gone even lighter. The acetate frames do not only bring the sheenlook but extremely light. Whatever frames you choose, one thing that opticians suggest the modern mass is blu ray glasses irrespective of the power.

The varieties in frames

GoneFrom cat eye to full round frames a great variety is hitting the market. The regular ones remain square and oval. The cat eyes frame come in various sizes and with the size, the pattern changes. The latest trend is not in shape but texture and pattern on the frame body. The leopard print and full white are ruling the international trend. The complete black rounded compliment most faces and is another popular and classic piece. The acetate frames are corporate in its look and are the perfect choice for regular eyeglasses. The nose padding is no more a pain on the bridge of the nose. Those dark spots are a history if you choose the frame from a reputed brand. Most full rimmed frames have the soft rest that is not at all painful or uncomfortable.

Sunglass or Power glass?

This is a confusion that has ended now. Anyone with power in eyes has to think twice before wearing a sunglass. Talking about sunglass, the idea is not just protecting your eyes from the sunlight. Of course, that is the main reason but there is no second thought about the fact that sunglasses play a major role in hitting the fashion goal. So, should you choose the sunglass ditching the regular power glasses or simply concentrate on getting a clear vision? Well, you can do both with a lovely pair of power sunglass. Most women and men’s sunglasses brands offer powered sunglass that will bring you out of this utter confusion.

All you need to do is to give the prescription and the sunglass is prepared with power. Such sunglasses possess all the qualities of a sunglass and at the same time serves a clear vision. The nerdy friend no more needs to sport that nerdy look on the beach or picnic. Eye issues can be taken care with a style touch.