Why you need to get uncluttered tally reports?

Tally is business intelligence software that can help in the process of accounting. It is one of the best business accounting software that can help an organization in providing debit and credit record seamlessly and streamline a part of business process. The most popular product of Tally is ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software that can help small and medium scale enterprises as well as big organizations. Most of the organizations use ERP9 for the payroll departments, inventory management, accounting, sales, tax management, and so on. Business intelligence tool makes tally e-commerce integration quite easy.

It is very important to analyze a data that you obtain from the tally reports as that can help you understand your business goals and how much you have succeeded to reach to a desired position. Good business analysis software can help in stock maintenance and financial planning.  All you need is business intelligence tool that can help integrate and synchronize tally data and generate some reliable reports so that it makes even a layman easy to understand the reports with chart and pictorial representations. With BI tool, you can get excel to tally import utility feature that you won’t get using any other tool.

Business intelligence tool can help you import reports directly by fetching raw data from tally. One can even import an entire file through the tool and process reports from it. So if you were manually preparing reports, consider a smart business intelligence tool that can solve your problems and help you in making presentations whenever you need it. Prepare monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly reports with the help of a business intelligence tool and compare the profit percentage and company’s growth with exact facts and figures. Business intelligence tool can help you prepare reports for a particular time frame mentioned by you. It fetches data from Tally and processes according to the requirements of the user to provide actual data.

An entrepreneur can schedule reports so that he gets the reports in time even when he forgets to fetch it. Scheduling can help an entrepreneur get the timely report, which is quite necessary for an organization. One can also get timely report alerts and this automation can save the time and effort one might spend in accounting and account scheduling. Manual scheduling can have errors, but this is an error-free method that gives accurate results on time. One can also export these reports to the concerned people and email scheduling is also possible with business analysis tool. So the boon of using business intelligence tool is that you need not worry about generating reports and pre-schedule when and who to send reports at what time.

The most vital part of a business intelligence tool is on security. If the tool is not secured, it may cause data leakage. However, most of the business intelligence tools provide data security even when they fetch or export data. This can be a boon for the entrepreneurs who can provide limited access to few of the staffs who can handle accounting well.  One can easily control access at the report level and fetch data that are accessible for certain group of professionals.