Nylon Cable Ties Applications

Nylon cable ties are widely used around the house for many things. It has a wide range of applications at home. They are cheap, sturdy and lightweight, making it an ideal material to be used. Before we jump in the top two applications of the nylon cable ties, let’s have a brief look at its features;

• They are tough
• Self-locking
• They are engineered for providing excellent performance
• Tough and flexible

Applications of Nylon Cable Ties

1. Widely Used to Remove a Broken Cork from the Wine Bottle

Were you planning a glass of wine in this cold weather, but somehow managed to break its cork? Don’t worry! If you have a nylon cable tie at hand, your work becomes easier. All you need to do is create a loop twice or thrice, and push the cork down, inside the bottle. Use the loop to remove out the cork floating inside. Although you need some practice, with time, you will be able to remove the cork without a corkscrew.

2. For Child Safety

Do you have little toddlers running around the house, creating a chaos? If yes, you can create your own child safety using the nylon cable ties. How? Simple! Just tie the cable around two of the adjacent handles and pull tight.

3. For Tamper Indicator

It uses the same idea as for the child safety. Run the cable tie between the loops on two zippers, adjacent to each other, and pull.

These ties are not so great for theft prevention, but it surely offers some temporary protection from small children. They are cheap to get your hands on, and easily available. Go, get your nylon cable ties today and avail the many uses and benefits of it, at your home.