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How to Plan an Affordable Destination Wedding


Planning and executing a gala wedding cheaply is a great thing as long as it meets all the expectations. An affordable budget does not mean you need to look cheap. It simply calls for intelligent planning and smart execution though the job is not simple as it may sound! If you are a pro at managing things, this might be a cake-walk for you. But on your wedding, you would not want to go running after the vendors or howl at the decorator. So, better is to opt for one of the best event organisers in Kolkata and leave the entire responsibility on them.

Do you love to travel? Have you and your spouse planned a honeymoon much before your planned wedding? Then trust us, there is no better option than a destination wedding for both of you. No, don’t panic. Destination wedding looks lavish but it can be easily planned and executed within a budget. You can of course, arrange things all by yourself but that won’t be a very smart idea. Appoint a destination wedding planner and discuss the budget with them. It can be executed with a smart planning. Here you go with some tips on budget destination wedding.

Location – Choose wisely:

Let your prince charming come to you directly without any hindrance. No need to choose a location that is too popular with the destination wedding planner. Rather, choose a place that is rare and not much in demand. No, you need not choose a lavish location. There can be a place that is less known and your half the job is done! Book an isolated place and bang on, you grabbed an awesome deal already. Isn’t it amazing how you fix a wedding destination and your next vacation destination both at once! Don’t forget to ask the details from your destination wedding planner.

Use local products as a token of love:

Love comes in many forms and here let it come in some of the simplest forms. Buy local products that are cheaper than the other luxury branded ones. The location you choose must have something of its flavor and essence. Buy those and present as return gifts to your guests. For the unique and attractive packing seek help from one of the top event organisers in Kolkata.

Cut down the crowd:

No need to make an elaborate list of invitees you don’t even know. Indian weddings are full of guests and in destination wedding cut it down to the minimum. Far away weddings have this facility where you can reduce your number of guests without much hesitation. Make a guest list and ask your destination wedding planner to follow it.

Keep it crisp & minimal:

Keep the décor limited when you are planning a destination wedding. Choose a place that is already gorgeous and you are spared from spending a lot over its décor. The scenic beauty and the climate should do the entire job; the external decoration might look imposed. So, reduce the job of your destination wedding planner and they can invest that time in other detailing.

Combo offer:

Yes! This will surely quench your travel thirst. Have you ever wondered that your wedding destination can be your short and immediate honeymoon destination too? Just imagine how you can save on the cost with complete ease. Ask any of the top event organisers in Kolkata in order to choose a destination that serves both the purposes and hand in hand you both can elope into the fancy right after the wedding.

It’s a date – Choose the Right time:

Your love has no date but the wedding must have a date that doesn’t call for most of the events of the season. Always be exclusive and that way you can stick to your budget. Popular time and date is sure to leave you broke. And yes, above all you can book the best destination wedding planner without much hassle.

Don’t spend a single penny – Free destination wedding:

Cheap destination wedding was still fine, but free? Yes, we can read your mind. But don’t jump all excited because it’s not so easily available. There are few places that offer free venue if you assure a certain number of booking and guests. Look out for those places but plan it much prior to the date you choose. Ask any of the top event organisers in Kolkata to help you out with such destinations.

Make a plan all by yourself and fix a budget above and before everything else. If you plan to shop two garments and come back home with four bags full of items, then it is better not to trust your instincts. You must appoint one of the best event organisers in Kolkata and leave every planning to them. For a travel freak like you and your spouse, destination wedding fullfils all that you need, want, and love. You just need to choose the best destination wedding planner in your town, like Holydelights in Kolkata and watch your dream come true.