Sony Playstation 5 – Allegedly with 8-core Zen CPU and Navi GPU


The rumor about a possible Playstation 5 is currently booming especially after an analyst has released some potential details about the new console.

After the Playstation 4 Pro comes the Playstation 5 – that’s for sure. Sony has not yet confirmed anything about it, but apart from a general pledge to a Playstation 5 , official information on the next generation of hardware there is none.

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Nevertheless, the rumor is currently seething: According to Golem currently claims Charlie Demerjian, his character analyst and author at SemiAccurate , the PS5 will put on AMD hardware in the form of a Zen CPU and a Navi GPU. However, Demerjian does not cite a source for his information.

Playstation 5 with AMD APU combination

According to Demerjian, Sony will continue to work with AMD on the PS5 and build an APU that consists of a Navi graphics unit and an 8-core Zen processor. Zen CPUs with eight cores are already available on the market, the Navi GPU is expected in the desktop area according to the current status for the year 2019.

Rumor has it that Sony has already begun shipping dev kits , but there’s no official confirmation for that either. If you consider that AMD with its Navi predecessor Vega in the desktop area currently still rather difficult (which, among other things, in often poor availability, relatively high prices and comparatively high power hunger expresses), it does not necessarily sound very likely that console dev kits are already in circulation with new navigation hardware.

On the other hand, it could also be that AMD has put a lot of energy into the lucrative console business and that due to the strong competition of Nvidia generally rather difficult desktop environment in the same course had to wait behind first.

New console could exist next to PS4

The fact that the next Playstation will be the Playstation 5 and not a supposed Playstation 4 Pro 2 (or something like that), however, is considered safe. Shawn Layden, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, confirmed the move away from a pure PS4 evolution line last year.

However, experts currently suspect that Sony will not opt ​​for a hard replacement of the PS4 by a successor console. Instead, they consider a solution with backward compatibility likely that could coexist with the PS4.

But as I said: Officially, Sony has not confirmed any of this, and it may take some time before official information is available. However, we keep an eye on the further development and will inform you in due time with appropriate news.