The Power of Promotional Merchandise for Brand Recognition

As a marketer, you always have the sole purpose of driving revenue for your company. But what do you consider as the most important thing that can aid this purpose of yours? Different marketers may give the credit to a number of aspects, including their networking in the industry, their proactiveness, promotional merchandise you share with them, your company’s own network, additional deals and offers, and more. However, all of these aspects are connected together with one common aspect that does the major part of the job: Brand Awareness.

If the people you sell to know your company and can relate to the brand name, they will buy your product even if you yourself aren’t able to market it properly. They will trust it more even when a competitor offers them a better deal over something of his. And they would always want to get deals from a company they know about and not from any random name. At the same time, this reputation is not built in one go. It takes time, a lot of initial efforts, and use of all possible marketing mediums to apprise everyone of your brand.

Distributing promotional merchandise gives you a great way to connect with your customers and give them all kinds of gifts (with your brand’s name printed on them, of course). The gifts you choose can make or ruin your company’s reputation too, which is why you must always choose them carefully. These goodies must be of good-quality too, just as the ink that’s used on them for printing, so that they can stay just as you give them for several years to come.

How can you be certain that your promotional products would work all the time? According to a recent market survey, the following facts were noted, which prove that promotional merchandise can indeed make a difference. The statistics reveal:

1.More than 85% of people can recall who gave them a specific gift even after 2 years

2.Good-quality products have a longer shelf life, which keeps them in front of the receiver’s eyes for several years

3.Gifts that come with the brand name and a cool quote look much better than plain-looking items they are printed on

4.Promotional gifts such as a planner, calendar, pens, tags, etc. come into use at least once in a week

5.Gifting promotional merchandise does encourage your customers to continue doing business with you

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