Role Of Private University In Higher Education

The role of private universities in higher education has increased significantly in last few years, as state run universities are incapable of providing enough seats for the serious students who intend to pursue their studies. Private universities offer more employability opportunities to student’s, as they offer choices in programs that are career oriented compared with public universities, which mainly focus on general education programs in humanities and social sciences. Private universities are facing a very tough competition not only to develop and maintain a high standard of education but to build infrastructure like adequate building premises, libraries, laboratories, engage qualified and capable faculty and create the system of conducting exams, assessing the answer sheets and awarding degrees. Many students across different streams and states are looking for the IIMT, University Meerut, best private university U.P.

It now become the responsibility of the private universities to ensure that they don’t become the place for giving degrees for graduate and postgraduate students, but time, efforts and money spend by the students should be converted into good knowledgeable personality. Private universities should emphasis on the high quality education and on the need to adapt to changes quickly and effectively as per the industry requirement. Private universities should have collaboration with foreign universities due to which the student are able to have degree from foreign university by studying for two three semester/years in foreign and rest in India. There is also another option for the students to have a dual degree while studying at the India. More foreign students should be attracted so that standards of education can be internationalized. Student politics was introduced in state owned universities to increase the student participation in education and decision making but now a day the student’s politics has more negative impacts as compared to the positive impacts. Private universities are not having elections, so all classes, session and exams are conducted as per the schedule already communicated to the students.

Private universities should have more interaction with the industry so as to develop the courses as per their requirements as they are more flexible and fast to incorporated the changes in the academics and designing the courses. Private universities should give more emphasis on overall personality development of students. They should stress on English as a compulsory language for communication along with mother language. Private universities should also think seriously on developing student personality by adding reasoning, communication skills, sports, research and innovation, spiritual studies and other soft skills a part of curriculum. IIMT, University Meerut, best private university U.P. working in the direction to impart quality education so as improve the standards. The professional approach of the management towards education to make real professional has made the university popular not only in north India but throughout the country.