Sell My Mobile Phone – What You Need To Know


In this era of scientific and technological advancement, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. The popularity mobile phones have reached such height that everyone feels their lives incomplete without them. To satisfy the ever-growing demand, there are numerous manufacturers have entered into the arena. As soon as new cell phones enter, people stop using the older one. On the arrival of a new phone, the old one fetches a place either in drawer/cupboard or is thrown away just as a junk.

If you also one of them who are thinking of upgrading their mobile phones, don’t dump your old phones into a trash can. Instead of dumping it, you can sell your mobile phone for cash.

The Bad news: Mobile Phone Contain Several Toxic Chemicals

Mobile phones are electronic devices which are usually composed of numerous toxic substances and they should be discarded in a proper manner. Lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, chromium, and flame retardants are some of the heavy toxic chemicals found in mobile parts. And when a mobile phone ends up in the landfill, these harmful substances might be released into the environment, polluting the air, soil, and groundwater.

But I Don’t Want My Old Phone Anymore. What Can I Do?

There are some different things that you can do with your old phone, from using it as an emergency phone to giving it to your kid as a giveaway and many more. However, if you don’t want to do like this, then there is a better solution for you.

The Good News: You Can Sell Your Old Mobile Phone!

The good news is that selling an old phone is the best way to dispose of your phone. One of the key benefits of selling old phones is cash incentives. Yes, you can recover the 50-80% of your phone’s price by putting it for sale and then the earned cash can be invested in your new smartphone. Hence, keep in mind the price usually depends on the make, model, and condition of your phone. For example, if you have an iPhone 6 that is in full working state, it will definitely give you a chance to make the money in return.

How Can I Sell My Mobile For Cash?

Nowadays, there are lots of online platforms that enable you to sell your old mobile phone of any make and model. Such as Craigslist and auction websites. Craigslist sites are the traditional way of selling old phones; you have to post an ad on the site giving some details about the product, quality pictures, and a considerable price. Buyers will see your ad and contact you to take off your phone. Bear in mind that it is a time taking option; it will take so many days to a buyer who accepts your deal.

You can also sell your mobile phone via auction websites such as eBay. For doing this, you just have to post an ad on the website providing some details about the handset, quality images, and an estimated price for bid. Once you are done with the listing, buyers will reach out your ad and make bids to buy your phone. You can sell it when you get the highest bid. Hence, remember that it also takes time as well as auction sites also charge some fees at the time of sale.

The last one is mobile phone recycling companies. Yes, you can sell your old mobile phone to one of the mobile phone recycling comparison firms. These companies take your old and even damaged phones for recycling and pay you good prices for them.

What Happens With Old Phones When Presented For Recycling?

As I mentioned this above that mobile phones are composed of some dangerous substances and need to be disposed off in an eco-friendly way. So, when you sell your old phone for recycling, recycling companies put them into a process and then recycle or reuse them to make new products.

Moreover, mobile phones are also a source of precious metals such as copper, silver, nickel, and gold that should not be wasted in the landfills. This is why when you sell your phone recycling, these valuable metals can be recovered for further use.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Sell My Mobile Phone?  

First of all, make sure your phone has been disconnected with your carrier. Then, clear the phone; create a backup and remove everything from your device. Also ensure you remove your SIM card from your phone, if it has one.

How Can I Look For a Right Mobile Phone Recycling Company?

As there is a large number of recycling companies, it may be a daunting task to find the right one. However, thanks to mobile phone comparison websites that have made easier than ever before. Comparison websites feature hundreds of top recycling sites and offer a fair and quick comparison of the prices offered by listed sites. In this way, you can find the highest price for your old or broken phone with a single click.

Comparison websites also save you time and effort as well as offering you the maximum price for your handset. So, you don’t need to browse each recycling website individually one by one.

How Does Mobile Phone Comparison Websites Work?

Mobile phone comparison websites present you a very simple and easy way to sell your mobile phone that is old, unwanted, faulty, or even broken. All you need to do is to search for your handset by entering details into the search bar or simply choosing it in the listed products on a comparison website. Once you do this, a list of recent prices from all featured recycling sites will be presented on your screen. Then, you just have to pick up the topmost deal available.

Once you are done with the online procedure, you will have to send your mobile off to the recycler’s address. When they collect your device, you will get paid your earnings without any deduction.