Semi-Automated Parking System

With a lot of parking problems lately, semi-automated parking systems have taken over the conventional parking systems. This type of parking system moves the car to their parking lot using a mechanical system. As the name suggests, this system is semi-automated; this means that a human action is required to initiate the work. The action required by the human is to push the button.

Let us see how this is beneficial for the customers;

• They don’t need to manually search for a car space
• No walking required
• Time saving
• A safe and secure car park, and
• The parking experience is consistent

Benefits of a Semi-automated parking system for property owners

• Environmentally friendly
• Space efficient
• Increased visual impact
• Less chances of a stolen car
• No need to install any kind of ventilation system since there is zero human movement here

How Does it Work?

Once the customer enters the parking garage, he drives his vehicle onto a platform. He then turns the engine off, puts the brake on, and leaves his car. The system will detect the shape and size of the vehicle with the help of sensors. According to that, the system then places the vehicle in the smallest space available.

This type of parking system is not free. The customer needs to pay to receive a ticket. After the customer leaves the parking garage, the platforms and robotic arms are set to work. The car is moved vertically and horizontally to fit into the car space.

Now when a customer is back, and he wants his car, the system will make use of the code mentioned in his ticket to recognize his vehicle. Once the code is read, the car is brought back to the customer. This type of parking system is widely used all around the Western world today to combat parking problems.

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