Take green steps and make the planet ‘plastic’ free!

Plastic- a material that is so durable and lightweight that it can be used in each and every sector. It is versatile material that has replaced stainless steel and brass that was used to manufacture containers & utensils. It has replaced wood for the kid’ toys too. No one carries cloth bags as they have got the plastic bags that are lightweight and waterproof. Plastic bottles are used to store and carry water & other beverages. Plastic is present everywhere, and people are overusing it to the limit that the plastic is becoming ‘menace’ to the environment.You cannot deny the ill-effects of plastic bottles on environment. People are using plastic bottles and throwing it as garbage, which adds up to non-biodegradable litter. The fact that plastic is not easily decomposed is what contributes to the problem.

Ill-effects of plastic on animals

Plastic, when enters into the food chain, harms the animals and living beings. Small polymer particles, when ingested by the animals and birds, stay in their guts for a long time and release chemicals that might cause early death. Animals are not able to differentiate between food items and non-food items, and hence, eat plastic litters. A large amount of plastic garbage found from the ocean has already harmed many spices of fishes and the animals living in the sea. Needless to mention the fact that many fishes we eat consist of the plastic litters which we tend not to notice and cause arm to ourselves.

Plastic menace creates havoc when mixes up with water bodies

Plastic, when mixes with the water bodies, can release harmful toxins and make the water unfit for use. This can not only harm the living beings surviving in the water body, but also destroys the ecological balance of the environment.

Plastic releases harmful gas and toxins when burnt

Plastic litters, when burnt, releases toxins as smoke and inhaling that might cause many health related problems. Many plastic manufacturing units too emit harmful gas that causes air pollution. A person who lives nearby these manufacturing units might face severe consequences if he or she doesn’t leave the place and continues to inhale the poisonous gas.

Even microwave-safe containers are not safe to use

Using plastics as containers to store food items can be the easiest method to store food. However, it is a little known fact that exposing plastic containers to extreme conditions can make release toxins that when mixed with the food item can cause several health related problems. Even when the sign says it is a microwavable container, using a plastic is always harmful. Few of the major ill-effects on human body it can cause are cancer, hormonal problem, stillbirth and early onset of puberty. Plastic release harmful toxins when it gets mixed with water. However people tend to ignore the facts about plastic bottles and other plastic litters when they throw it.

We are now standing near the cliff where a little push can kill the entire generation. It is now high time we must realize the importance to save our planet and take some green steps to save the environment. Making it a ‘plastic’ free planet might need initiative from each and everyone, and replacing plastic is the best effort we can take.