7 Ways in Which Field Force Management Automates Your Business

In today’s time, there are a lot of factors that a business needs to take into consideration in order to stay competitive in the market. Out of all the factors, managing and having a complete control over the field force can be a difficult proposition. However, the recent developments in field force management have completely changed the situation. These developments have allowed the field force managers to efficiently control the workforce in the field and subsequently increase their output.

The majority of the advancements in the field force industry are credited to the coming up of field force management solutions. Let’s quickly have a look at the 7 ways in which field force management automates your business.

  1. Performing Complex Tasks EasilyThe features and benefits included in the modern field force management solutions have made it possible to simplify and easily perform the tasks that require a lot of time to be invested in. These modern solutions are able to create digital formats from the paper forms which can be easily punched into the smartphone. This enables authentic data collection, single data storage point, improves efficiency, saves a lot of time and cuts down cost.
  2. Integration of Newer SystemsThe useful functionalities provided by a field force management solution is possible due to the integration with different systems. Newer systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence (BI) have enabled the field force managers to evaluate the performance of field force, centralizing a software, optimizing route plan and more.
  3. Controlling Field Force on the GoMobile devices have taken over field force management making it possible to have a complete control over the field force while on the go. Mobile field force management ensures constant communication with the team out in the field and efficient allocation of work on a timely basis. This enables the team to focus on important tasks and invest their time more judiciously.
  4. Real-Time UpdatesOne of the prime benefits of mobile field force management is the availability of real-time updates. The updates can be sent in the form of emails and SMSs for informing the concerned supervisor whenever an order is recorded or a survey is completed. With the coming up of mobile applications, there is a great possibility of future enhancements and improvements in the way real-time updates are provided.
  5. Providing Top-Notch ServicesKeeping a track over the wide range of tasks simultaneously can prove to be burdensome for the field force managers. However, with a field force management software taking care of different tasks is quite easy. Allocating work to the different team members has also become quite easy. The field force managers get real-time location tracking of the team out there in the field. This enables them ensure that the field force provides timely services to the customers.
  6. Increase in Customer Retention rateGetting authentic customer feedback is must to actually learn what the customers are specificallly looking for. Advanced field force management softwares enable the easy creation of logics and fields in a digital form, hence providing the real picture. The field force managers are also able to get the feedback directly from the customers in case they just want to verify whether they have met the representative or not. Increasing the customer retention rate is always crucial for a business in order to stay competitive in the market.
  7. Generating More LeadsCompanies looking to generate more leads will get a lot of assistance from the field force management software. By having a complete control over the workforce and their tasks will have a positive impact on the services delivered. This creates a positive rapport with the customers that in return generates more leads and results in profits.
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Final Thoughts

With the developments that are being made in the field force industry, it is quite evident that there are a lot of new enhancements of features that we are going to see in a field force management software. Already there are a lot of softwares that are available in the market, however only a few offer the needed functionality. FeetPort, a simple mobile application is tailor-made to easily automate the crucial procedures essential to scale up your business. The plethora of benefits that FeetPort offers you will enable you to reap the numerous benefits and generate profits for your business.

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