Effective Digital Strategies and Helpful Technological tools for Students to Conduct Research

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Assignments are a major part f the student life. So much so that in total four years assignments consume more time than the exams. Additionally, these assignments are given to the students throughout the semester and their grades have a strong impact on the GPA as well. Therefore, students cannot take any chance with their assignments.

Assignments are mostly in the form of essays or research paper. Obviously it would not be the case with courses like finance and artistic subjects which require more of creative skills in the form of art. Nevertheless, all the assignments require some sort of research work and creative skills to then put that research appropriately into the work. Researching is a time consuming and a stressful procedure itself. It often exhausts the student more than writing the assignment.

The technological advancement globally has made things quite easier for the students. Laptops, tablets and smart phones serve as a great help during these daunting assignments. Students now are not restricted to physical libraries only as there are multiple digital libraries too. Similarly, plenty of scientific and educational journals are published on the internet. Universities and colleges subscribe to these online sources and the access is given to the students which help them do their research simply by sitting at home. However, following are some of the basic tips and tricks to follow while researching.

Decide and narrow down your topic

Topic is like the plot of any story without which the further procedures cannot be continued. You must decide a topic on which you will conduct your research and produce your assignment. However, the topic should not be too general since the point of writing a research paper or article is to present extensive yet specified information on a certain topic. Topic plays a vital role in the entire journey of your assignment writing.

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Preliminary search

Before finalizing your topic, make sure you do a preliminary research n the decided topic. Enter the keywords and other relevant words in the databases of search engines. Carefully look through the material found and check whether it is relevant or not. Sometimes there is next to none information and sources available regarding specific topics. In such cases, you might want to change the focus of your topic.

Identify materials

Once the topic is decided, start collecting material for the information. The sources you use need to be academic and acceptable in the terms of academic writing. Academic sources include articles published in journals, published research papers and dissertations and books. Before getting on to the writing step you must collect all the data with you. It will help you save a lot of time as you will not have to again and again go to the library or internet and spend time in searching again. Often there are small hurdles like unavailability of internet or library being closed which affects your writing process.

Jot down pointers

It is not possible that you use entire resource in your assignment or thesis paper. From all of the sources, you will be using bits and pieces to compile new research assignment on your own. Since using an entire resource as it is for your assignment counts as plagiarism and is prohibited in all universities. On a legal and ethics base as well it is not right and considered a theft and unethical. Making notes from your sources will help you to immediately lad on the part which you will be using for your research assignment.

Check credibility

Credibility is a very important factor to check for all the sources you have collected and will be using for the research article or assignment. There are a lot of sources available on the internet which is not credible and hence not acceptable in academic writing. There are several ways to check credibility of the sources. One could be matching it with the criteria that your instructor has specified; other could be by checking it through Google scholar. Google scholar is specifically used for academic writing and is a credible research resource.

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Cite every resource

During the writing procedure, make sure you are citing every piece of information you have taken from someone else’s work. Like mentioned earlier, plagiarism is not ethical and could cause you a zero on the assignment and sometimes even an F in the entire course. There are different citation formats. These formats are mostly specified by the instructors or there is a general format followed in the university so you must be aware of these instructions and cite your sources according to that.

Proofread the entire paper

Once you are done with the complete paper, make sure to proofread it thoroughly. The step of proofreading helps the writer to identify grammatical and punctuation errors and the citation problems as well. Check your reference list and make sure you have followed the required citation format properly. Few of the citation formats require in-text citations along with a reference list; make sure you have added them at the right places.

Above mentioned are some of the basic tips to follow when you have been assigned a research assignment. These tips are followed by all the assignment experts in order to produce a quality and an A grade assignment.

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