How Does Modern Technology Impact Our Education System?


Technological advancements are sweeping over all spectrum of life. They have infiltrated our lifestyle so extensively that it is rather impossible to imagine a harmonious life without them. And although, some may be apprehensive about the more eccentric technological predictions related to artificial intelligence; humans have benefited and prospered more in the years when technology was deep rooted into every possible field.

Likewise, it has been used as an extremely helpful tool in the field of education. Especially, in recent times when children are being exposed to the use of gadgets at a very early age. Hence, using technology to educate them has not only become a desire, but a need.

Here are some ways how technology is reshaping classrooms and has not only become a recreational mode of education, but is having a massive impact of positively molding children’s minds from a very young age.

Active Learning Through Interactive Surfaces

Technology is helping entice students’ curiosity when it comes to learning new concepts. Unlike the conventional method of education where teachers used to help students draw a picture of what a certain desert may look like, with technology students can have a more virtual experience of what they are being taught. Moreover, the lesser imaginative student greater benefits from this advancement since merely reading texts and translating it into something that may be more comprehensible is a skill that not everyone possesses.

That is why with the inclusion of systems like Google Maps to help students understand the Earth’s terrain, countries and their borders is a more practical manner of teaching rather than explaining this idea through words and pictures. Now, students have a vast, interactive surface where they can visualize almost everything. This also gives way more curiosity driven questions, hence better learning.

Other than that astrology, a subject that is not conventionally taught, can also be examined through many apps that help you explore the space – simulations depicting realistic environments. Students can have an in depth experience merely through a swipe and a click.

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Increasing Awareness of Real World Issues

A massive shift that has been noticed with the incorporation of technology in younger generations is the increase in awareness of the world around them. Advocates as young as nine and ten year olds have become sensitized to the worldly issues and are driven to make amends themselves. This awareness has been greatly credited through the use of technology through the gadgets they’ve been using. Earlier, the basic means of awareness that students had was through the news, which was not so widely viewed by children. But now with the society becoming more socially aware as a whole, students feel the need to contribute to it in some way or the other.

We have had remarkable examples of children as young as nine and twelve getting recognized by Microsoft for their keen interest and contribution. Children running GoFundMe campaigns to develop apps to feed the poor. All of this has been possible through the globalization and accessibility of technology.

Hence, technology is not only impacting education through better interaction and accessibility; in fact, it is helping us build a more compassionate and giving society.

Better Comprehension and Visualization

Students are being taught key concepts through simulations or through videos; this encourages a better comprehension of things work. Be it the formation of tornado at a primary level of education or the more advanced development of embryo at professional education level – the learning is certainly upgraded through these simulations. With a better understanding of these key concepts, students feel more competent about developing ideas and finding practical solutions.

Prompt Online Mentor-ship and Support

Gone are the days when you needed your teachers’ assistance for the tiniest inconvenience. Google is a vast hub of easily accessible information; where students can either browse topics of their interest or connect with teachers online to learn or revise key concepts that they might have missed out in class. Moreover, through online groups with shared goals, students are more likely to find the motivation and support required to excel in their respective fields.

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This has further led to many educational platforms to erupt all over the online community. You can find courses on different fields and actually get degrees for attending these. You may also hire dissertation help UK for thesis or dissertation writing help. Or you may simply be attending grooming webinars to help you sculpt a more charismatic personality and a winning mindset.

All of these educational platforms required students to travel long distances, invest great time and money to achieve them. But with technological advancements not only have the distances decreased, but you can achieve everything within the comfort of your home. Hence, there is no limitation as to what you can achieve – the internet has become a goldmine of knowledge and people are benefiting from it as much as they can.

Fostering Skills at Extracurricular Activities

Not only formal education has become easily accessible through the internet. There has been a wide spectrum of skills that are readily available to learn. This may include anything from crocheting, learning how to play the piano, photography or even advanced skills like building your own robots through basic or little prior knowledge. Now there is no limit as to what hobbies one would like to pursue. The possibilities are endless.

Although technology has a massive impact on really reshaping the way students understand new ideas and implement them in daily life. Unfortunately, not every student is keen on extracting these benefits from the smart phones that they are constantly using. With other distractions that come with advanced technology like virtual reality gaming, easily accessible array of shows and movies as well as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the youth is more likely to be consumed in these. Since a vast majority of youngsters are keener on spending time on this extra activities, as guardians and parents it is our responsibility to guide them and help them spark interest in things that will change their mindset and help them evolve. Hence, education, of any kind, should be your top most priority.

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